Snowden's idea about Bitcoin is quested by crypto-world figures Christian


Money, the best example that chains chains; make sense

According to Snowden, "Money is, of course, the best and most famous example of where it has been shown that barriers make sense." He said that the traditional money systems failed to name, for example, the large number of non-worldwide speakers, the events in Cipros and the Venezuelan and Zimbabwe economies.

However, in a special Bitcoin case, he thought it could be there, and that it is just the credit that it is an alternative exchange facility and the value of its BTC.

On the other hand, the old exile of the US in Russia said that he likes bitcoin issues due to impartiality and unresolved. "They can not be stopped or back without the voluntary and visible participation of the people involved." He stressed, Although it still does not have private money, bitcoin is a? first money "cheap".

In terms of private money, Snowden tells Wizner that there are cryptocurrencies that are in place; Competition with bitcoin, mar monero and zcash, which has difficult to find and "very private" tasks.

For Snowden, better equation protocols need to be better than the Labor Test and the Participation Test, which shows what energy is needed and what is needed; Thanks to the great repositories (in electricity and equipment) PoW, and that the network is dependent on "non-endless and unfinished search" from the owners of cryptocurrencies in PoS. However, for Snowden, "the original creator of Bitcoin created an extremely exciting scheme: a kind of global math competition".

Criptomundo reactions

Ecosystem figures such as John Carvalho, Nic Carter, Ricardo Spagni and Vitalik Buterin respond to Snowden's share.

Developers Bitcoin John Carvalho he wrote his opinion was not of the ecosystem, because he never took part. He also said that it takes time to understand the complexity of Bitcoin technology and how the block chains are only a n; failure in most of the attributes that are the "blockchain" features and saying: "I'm stopping people from having a & # 39; confirming the idea of ​​someone who is not an expert, which I think is a useful reminder. Especially when they just try to sell a book. The point is that they should be asked an expert to comment, not famous people. "

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