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There are orders for silk clothing for people with eczema and dermatitis that cost health service in England over £ 1.2m per annum

The NHS of England has announced plans to order a "low priority" order as silk clothing.

There is very little evidence that the clothing helps people with eczema and dermatitis are enough to do; Give an order, a consultation document says.

Elected officers offer eight items from the list of NHS orders under plans aimed at saving £ 68m annually.

Others include acne cure and diabetes.

The factors, which are considered to be relatively low clinical efficiencies, for cheaper options to be available or be a "low priority" for funding, as follows:

  • Silk uniform – for eczema and dermatitis
  • Aliskiren – who would use blood pressure
  • Amiodarone – to deal with unusual religious rhythms
  • Flame and vapor blade preparations – including eczema and dermatitis
  • Dronedarone – to handle atrial fibrillation condition
  • Minocycline – acne treatment
  • Blood shift test stills – for diabetes
  • Needles for extra-insulated and reused insulin pens – for diabetes

Many of the applicants are not surprising the suggestions and have already begun to complete the things.

The health service in England costs more than £ 1.2m per year for orders for silk clothes, and examples of them are invalidated. including cottages from silk babies, leanacles, children's piobagan, tubular beds or slides.

In the case of diabetes disease stitches, needles and pens, officers recommend that GPs have a " Providing other options for cost more efficiently than splitting them.

The NHS of England has already put an order to complete a normal order of 18 low value items, including domestic home remedies and goods overseas; Communication as a cure for paracetamol and coughing.

  • SNS without dandruff and ongoing handling
  • NHS will focus on suncream orders for cuts

NHS Steward, Simon Stevens, said: "The NHS is one of the most effective health services in the world but, as part of the long-term NHS plan, we are willing to pay money for taxpayers further and return savings management to face face care.

"It is essential that the NHS should not pay for anything that has been proven ineffective or other options are safer or cheaper."

The consultation is coming forward with the introduction of new GP guidance next week on knee-free orders.

Although patients may still be at # 39; Get free lamb and baking under NHS orders, they are no longer eligible for other foodstuffs such as pizzas, cakes and cookies, NHS England said.

Officials reported that the NHS started to fund unsubstituted foodstuffs in the late 1960s, when there was very little opportunity but now a large amount of food is available in supermarkets.

The consultation will run for three months from 28th November 2018 to 28th February 2019, and subsequently it is expected that guidance commissioning will be published by NHS England and the NHS Clinical Commissioners.

The National Eczema Society said it was "essential for people with anthology to access the correct craft materials in order".

Speaker said: "We are looking forward to participating in the consultation".

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