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AirPower was published with iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X at the Apple September event … in 2017. It was a preview. , not a release, and Apple said it would not be available only in 2018. Since then, the iPhone X has come and went with another September event with him. Now it's November 2018 – November – and AirPower is stillhere to find anywhere.

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2017: AirPower Year Zero

Recently, when Apple is making a huge change, he likes to announce a huge result to go with him. AirPods is the best example. IPhone 7 may have been removed by phone but it has given us one of the most innovative electronic materials that we have seen in recent years. Custom W1 teams – small computers that allow instant marriage, a link between connected devices, and strong rock and sync synchronization required without cable.

They were nominated during the September event in 2016 as they came after. Apple has even pre-release to reviewers to carry out a test so they can have the full iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 information. They ended up traveling late for a couple of months. Available for order of 16 December and in stores by December 20.

AirPower may have been similar to the same if the same is not. iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X. They left the metal ridge for glass and gave us an exciting contribution based Qi. There's nothing innovative for himself – phones have been positively for ten years – but Apple seemed to want to only show their technology commitment but His commitment to push forward. Without AirPower. It's not just an induction pack or capable of cutting the new iPhones, but you can add a superb pipe to two iPhones, or iPhone, Apple Watch 3 or later, and even AirPods pair in An exciting new tax case all of them.

He would change the statement from Apple's last & # 39; Combined with the attack club to Apple to be Apple and its; Improper tax making in slicker, a better way than the former person in the club.

They were not told how they came later on that year but as they come next year. A little short, spring of the next year on one web page. But in every other place – and finally there is a recent version of this page – just next year.

2018: AirPower One Year

The Apple Post, 7 February 2018:

According to tipster at Best Buy American retailers, Apple is preparing for its & # 39; AirPower wireless broadband banner and AirPods wireless tariff case in March, saying Best Buy will have AirPower on a single and online basis.

Mac Otakara on 23 March 2018:

In this regard, as reliable information is also said, AirPower is said to be sold in March and to a Qi gun gun with AirPower Series 3 Series, it is found by a special wave and is capable Qi without device even when Apple Cable Magnetic License is used.

Apple set for pushed AirPower into an in-house device by the end of March

But the spring came and went with a March event and a new 9.7-inch iPad. But AirPower does not. There came summer and he also went with WWDC and iOS 12. But AirPower is not yet.

Mark Gurman, wrote for Bloomberg on June 21, 2018:

Apple did not say when it would be discharging AirPower in 2018, but engineers were hoping to go to it. charger was launched before June. The aim is to put it on sale before or in September, according to one of the people. In the last few months, some Apple engineers have confirmed the device by using it as their device in the office, another said.

AirPower has still been on the Apple website, although it was only on AirPods page and just described its & # 39; The issue of wireless cutting is currently unavailable.

Mark Gurman writes for Bloomber on September 10, 2018:

AirPower wireless gun: This is an Apple wheel pipe that can simultaneously cut an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. The company has not faced development challenges, but is scheduled to launch as soon as this month, reciting Bloomberg News earlier this year.

A waterfall came and went, and the events in September and October, iPhones and iPadan were new. However, yes, AirPower is not yet.

John Gruber, writing for Daring Fireball on September 15:

What I've heard is, third but from many small birds, AirPower is really true and indeed. Something about a multi-coil design that grows too hot and hot. Engineers have looked at AirPower's design and said he never worked, thermally, and now all these engineers have "told you so" to think of the faces. Last year it was apparent that Apple had arguments that they could find out how it would not be hot. They were, clearly, wrong. I think they needed to go back to the design board and start with a completely different design, or they have made a decision and do not want to say.

On 16 September 2018, Sonny Dickson was well-known for getting iPhone demo units and other Chinese supplying tools from China, hear what happened with AirPower:

Nowadays the machine causes too much heat, which causes problems of performance, and can affect the ability of the devices that express themselves if they are too warm in the process. It also influences Apple's current cost-of-the-art capability, which is a. runs a version of the iOS page, to work as it is expected.

The machine used for multi-machine charges, which we can prove, can be made up of 21 to 24 different energy coils of different sizes to the three main materials that are (AirPods fitted with an unsuccessful limited device case, iPhone, and Apple Watch), which are broken into three similar tax groups, confirming that it is very difficult to build or the improvement, and this has led to a large extent of attack up to this level, which reduces efficiency to & # 39; tax gateway, and adding to the heat issues of engineers.

On June 17th, 2018, Benjamin Goldman for Apple Toolbox wrote:

According to two independent sources, Apple has stopped AirPower as we know it, and will not appear at an event that its company has, plan for October.
The decision to send the device was sent within last-minute month, and debates on the next direct movement have recently begun.

People who knew the project said that a & # 39; The company is planning to start work on a restricted device without an advanced wireless device to launch in early 2019. At this time it is uncertain whether AirPower will have a device on the future device or if the logo will be distributed.

Apple Watch 4 came to an appearance of the Milanese Band that could be opened, so it could work with AirPower. There was no doubt there in advance, however. But when iPhone XS and iPhone XR were launched, however, AirPower stayed on the documents that were submitted to the package, something easier to change later in & # 39; circles, especially for the normal Apple to be & # 39; suffer.


Put an iPhone with a screen that looks up on AirPower or a valid wire Qi.

According to Guilllermo Rambo, writing for 9to5Mac on September 20, He stayed in the code as well:

Looking to iOS 12.1, we noticed that the iOS component is responsible for sending a & # 39; Guide the tax interference that appears when AirPower is updated, and that is; means Apple is still working on the project.

On 23rd October 2018, Kuo Ming-Chi reported, through MacRumors:

According to Kuo, Apple AirPods may have been launched and the AirPower will be late in the fourth quarter of 2018 or early in the first quarter of 2019, but does not yet know specific plans to & # 39; company.

Apple has previously launched products in December. AirPods, indeed, in 2016, and the Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s in 2015. But it's definitely not the average. HomePod, which was announced by WWDC in June 2017, came to a later date on its & # 39; That year, and delayed the start of February 2018 after AirPlay 2 was more challenging to be able to; swim down what was expected first.

2019: AirPower Year Three

If it is not published in December in cards for AirPower, and the lack of sound that lasts up to a month; The last year appears more likely, earlier this year, February or March is the next window needed.

If the project is really in trouble or even erased, as it says, and another project under the same name or for the same unless a simpler reason is moved to its place, it might be longer than that.

"Great artists." "Apple Boats". Is one of the company's main tenants. However, delays everything from AirPods to HomePod, and in particular AirPower has added that tenant to the test. That may be why there were no special special events mentioned within this year's iPhone or iPad, Mac Pro's new approach has not been re-launched in 2017 without being sure: Apple has threatened the dangers to behave; strive from the organization's strategy, and pain that can cause them when repression does not correspond to terminating lines.

Where is AirPower? I'll do something better for you: why is AirPower?

AirPods challenged and changed what we expected when it came to how it was; Unusual respiratory phones can be a feeling. Even at & # 39; best, it is not possible for AirPower to do so for the cost of invasion. It's not the way ubiquity would be. Not how to get every board in every coffee shop and restaurant, which has always been in place; including all passwords and airways, by attacking in each place.

And that will take more than a charger; can handle many different devices. This allows a wide range of devices that can all be used in the same way.


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