So Xiaomi's smartphones are very popular, depending on dolphins


The next fashion in the world of smartphones is likely to make folding machines. Samsung introduced it in November (but not giving information), and another Asian company also works in one, but if this split is true, there is a smartphone at Xiaomi who is looks good and promising.

Preliminary overview
Samsung is sending a & # 39; His first packing phone, but does not appear to be his design

The day has come. Samsung has given a new phone number on Wednesday that will …

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For years we have heard that mobile phones are fast, a type of twin between a smartphone and a tablet that will; go one way to another by marrying your screen. Different prototypes came from light to light, but a real and commercial machine seemed to be far away.

Then Google officially announced Android's support to these screens, and shortly after Samsung released its own device, although it does not provide details of when we can to buy, cost or hard.

Now, Evan Blass, an inventive source of mobile technology is released on a video of a folded device that is displayed; Transformation between smartphone and tablet running and fast. Everything seems to be a Xiaomi device; , in particular to include that the images and the interfaces are the same as the MIUI brand interface, and China is the language we see on the screen.

Indeed, it may be a fake video, but if not, Xiaomi would go on to Samsung with a model that looks closer to the Android 9.0 Pie operating system.

However, the type of partner that this format will still appear. Maybe it's going to & # 39; success, as Samsung changed the market with its "first" phablet, the Galaxy Note. Or companies can not sell so many units, even & # 39; With all expectations and truth for years, nobody was used to use it.[via[vía[via[víaEvan Blass (@evleaks)]

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