So you can listen to the WhatsApp sound before adding it


Christina with many and hate others, the voice notes de About the BBC One of the biggest features that it likes to & # 39; messenger, either to send short answers or to submit broadcasters to correspond to what we want to communicate.

But, one of the many problems that many users have they can not listen to those soundproofs before submitting them to their identity, to know if the registration was correct, you should put the audio and listen again.

However, there is a bit there trick (for both Android and iOS) which is licensed Listen to the voice note before being sent to the recipient and users do not know much.

When you click the microphone button to record a voice note, Slide up until the stone icon appears, so you can leave your branch and continue to register.

Once you're & # 39; ending the audio, instead of pressing its & # 39; add button, click on the button to leave the conversation, and after that, a little quiver by phone.

Once you're & # 39; return to the camera, toThe message that is recorded is displayed at the bottom, and you can listen to it and decide whether to delete or delete.

So, you can listen to the WhatsApp sound before you add to your "data-alt =" connection; "So you can listen to the WhatsApp sound before you add to your" data "connection. credits = "T13" data-title = "How to listen to audio about WhatsApp before submitting to your attachment" src = " / 11/1543085041-whatsapp-image-2018-11-24- at-152917.jpg "style =" left-hand: 10px; bottom of the body: 10px; max-width: 100%; "title =" "/></strong></p>
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