So you hear the sound of the wind on Mars caught by the InSight question


NASA has released these audio files for the first time it shows a sound sound to & # 39; Planet Give us.

Just a few weeks ago we saw the success of the InSight survey on Mars, and now we have told us that the laird kept the first sounds of the winds on his Red Planet.

The idea of ​​the geo-tech robot detects wind turbines on the ship's solar panels that are believed to be; blow between 10 and 15 miles per hour (16 to 24 km / h) from the northwest to the south east.

Bruce Banerdt, Chief Inspector of InSight at Jet Jet Propulsion NAS said: "This catching has been a giftless gift. But one of the things dedicated to its dedication is to move Mars, and naturally it is. including the movement that causes the sound waves. "

It has been mentioned that the InSight has two very sensible directions that expose these terms of the wind, internal air pressure awareness and seismograph, where both sounded a sound in different ways.

In video you can listen to the sound that is being & # 39; praises listening to mobile phones, although it has also been prepared to be viewed by regular speakers.

At first it's the same as the wind used to register with a microphone on Earth, but it's definitely interesting that this is the # 39; The first time the sound of the winds on another planet was recorded.

InSight will continue to analyze the surface of Martian, especially the paths, by aiming to get information on how to activate; Creating the planets into our solar system and learning more about Red Planet.

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