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Dan Nguyen Quoc Anh has decided to take up his original hook and bistro opened with his partner on a Vinohrady fault, where he serves the truth and sodles. And he did. The line is headed by the RAM BON Fresh & Soba.

<! –-> Noodles Soba himself, the treatment is small. How long will it take and how often do you have to prepare them?
Right, the right hand is a sliot. At this time we choose every day to keep the interest. It takes about two hours each day. Foundries Notes are given only to a majority of buyers and only look at them. Gradually, it would be rude to order things called the reindeer, as they are light, healthy and easy to dig over the shoulder, which is very rich in the furnace. How long does it grow?
Soba nodes will last days when they are stored. You were born in the Czech Republic, but where do you come from?
My parents come from Hanoi in Vietnam. Have you visited Vietnam?
Yes of course. My parents set a set of rules for Vietnam to send their family for a hundred years searching for Vietnam windmill. Last time we last year with my family and family.

Dan Nguyen Quoc

He was born and raised in the Czech Republic. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics. Though the world was annoying for him, the diplomat did not calculate his line. He has been working in technology more economically on economics. Kitchen is the favorite thing in Japan, Mexico and Italian. But Japan manages the list. Did you study economics, how did you think a restaurant was opened?
At the sports hall we talked to our friends about why we'd like to open a cafe and a small restaurant together, because we're close to gastronomy, but at the end it drank it and along with it my sweetheart was the momentum. I don't have a restaurant at all. How was the College's decision determined to leave and the opening of the Japanese opening?
Also, life changes are always welcome, but it was so easy for the brothers who encouraged and strongly supported her decision in this decision. She has left the estate itself until we get into the restaurant. And for nevate jdla vietnamsk, but japonsk? Is vae nejoblbenj?
The Czech Republic has plenty of Vietnam and bistros restaurants and so my sweetheart likes to chase Japanese culture and culture normally, and when she came in here and when she came in. T we did a good job where they would take deer and shoulder novels, an enterprise. It was one of the first times when we started melting over our own restaurant.

L And how do you have eskou kitchen? Chutn vm? Are you at home?
Tasty and tasty. I usually grew up on esk food, with thanks to the esk babice. And at home, we know so much, for example, about the Night, when he and his father live in things that they can't lose. Kter esk jdlo wouldn't be the taste of your life or that isn't?
I hadn't ever heard of Katv leh and I'm sure he would never ever hand it over. Before you go into the queue, do you explain?
We don't give it full energy, for instance we're very rude and we're very pleased that the pichzej and the men are happy to wait until the town has a go at Ramen and Soba, but we're on the corner and we're want to stand together. And even thank yourselves badly, where the pages are returned and we do. No notes V in the company. Was that in the dpg, or did you look all around?
My daughter is a very creative hunter, he has something special and got rid of them too. The licjic movement was her dump. Originally this is a designer and she was in charge of the restaurant. Your husband is helping bistro .. in both of you working on a full purse, or do you give it another place?
We both take 100% of the restaurant. What do you have to do in time?
We live almost two years old, so we are free to live with my family, so we asked. How to set a fireplace?
I include, but only for its net kitchen power. When it's time we come to the theater with your sweetheart or film to a film. How is the raw material vs vs nepomjen?
The plants are usually koenov and epa red. In doing so, they are very rich in vitamins and minerals. Where did you learn to get hold of the Egyptians?
• J was in New York from a Japanese master, but my friend was in Japan. How is the secret of the coal sod?
In Japan, you will find lots of changeable weapons, depending on the state of a Japan state and that can be a mystery. but this man is the only part of a cake.

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