Sobchak spoke to Regina Todorenko the second fertility. Video


Собчак обсудила с Региной Тодоренко вторую беременность. Видео

Sobchak told Regina that he is not heavy with the second time

The television producer and singer Regina todorenko na h-Uccrangach, whose children should be born, will be shown "Friday by Regina" to talk to a TV producer, politician and Ksenia Sobchak, writing The is mentioned today.

Girls talk mentally about the virtues of motherhood, pregnancy, children and bringing up the heirs. In conversation with Regina Ksenia, Sobchak officially submitted that it is not heavy for the second time, although many media have allowed this hearing to be long. She also gave many of the helpful tips about animation and parenting to the star. He found secretly in particular to promote good quality in the most recent stages.

"The first thing is wrong, I do not have a problem. They saved me, not to casualties. Secondly, a bar. Oil is needed to destroy the stomach. to avoid signals, D. should have much of Yam-vitim to swim, "said Sobchak.

In addition, Maxim Vitorgan's wife advised as early as possible to her baby up for swimming.

"I praise him very much, because the babies still have the revival to keep their breath. And if you start to swim, it's not lost revitalization, "said Ksenia.

Sobchak also noted the importance of the child's method and control. His son Plato, example, tells me that he had been asleep as a result of the sad and exquisite moments of the child's birth.

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