Soccer player Weiss EXKLUZÍVNE za Š v rozhovore: Teraz budem hovoriť ja!


But what is the real reason for your early departure from the 10 minute game before the end?
As a result of all my feelings; me throughout the show.

Hapal training says you were all very happy and spoke to you all the time. Why is such a response?
Because there were no conversations and equal truth.

Head of Weissov in production? Let the one leave the bar and this should be & # 39; play in the playground box!

Are you unhappy about your decision not to play under Hapalom?
My decision is that I do not lament.

Did you have any evidence from Hapal that you will not play less than this to date?
In contrast. From the Hapoel coach, I had an accident as one of the representatives from Hampshire and Scrapper. One of the biggest reasons for me to be & # 39; going on.

Did you talk about a game with the Japanese coach with Hapalom? If so, what did he say to you?
No. I was waiting for the boys in the & # 39; cottage, I thanked them for the good luck and I went.

Hapal's official coach influences the amazing end of Weiss: its words are; amaze everyone!

Hapal says that the team and other players who leave early from the sentence are badly ill by the end of their mission. game. How do you feel about it and what is your vision?
Talk to me with a number of players after their game, they realized my action.

And Ján Kozák's coach tells you that you are not enough enough to play the game as a result of the lower status of the Chataric League. So why not go back to Europe?
I had no problem with Cozák coach and I was always getting 100% ready for the crash. I'm happy with Katar now and I do not want my future.

Your father is a very successful producer and very experienced training. Would you like to deal with this situation?
I talked to my father right after her & her; game. It does not really feel like that, but it's a? accepted as the biggest support.

IMPROVEMENT Weiss spoke after a brief breach of the sentence: a strong representation on the production and an amazing decision!

Do not worry if you left a show, this can hurt you in your still promising role?
In fact, I'm sorry I'm not going out in the show right now because of the atmosphere and the relationship between the players. I really enjoyed the show and I'm sure he's losing it.

Fortunately, after your Miroslav Stoch came, you got the railway side. Did you think something could happen?
Le Miňa I have a very good relationship and in the past we've been showing it many times. We respect each other and we always want the best thing for the team.

Two games did not help the Czech with your image. Bothan in the first night and now. Does it worry you to put your people as a bad person at a football?
I will not give personal impact on the views of the people. I always try to keep up the range and I'm going to. think the person who sees football is seeing it.

Do you think Hapal is a? Protect some of the players he has been working together in the "twenty people"?
No, I do not think.

After the "run" last after his game with the Czechman he was disqualified, can we wait for this rejection even now? Or is it not your last decision?
I personally think it was not; I name the last word in the show, but I did not play it under Hapalom because I did not feel confident and respected.

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