Soccer player Weiss EXKLUZÍVNE za Š v rozhovore: Teraz budem hovoriť ja!


He reinforced the first words. Football representative Vladimir Weiss (28) did not play a part in the League of Nations game, led by a new coach Pavel Hapal. It has been a problem of standing on its & # 39; pointed out to leave early from the venue during a representative game against the Czech Republic (0: 1). A day later, he came up with a statement that he would not go to Hapal. Unfortunately it is not!

Hapal training says you were all very happy and spoke to you all the time. Why is such a response?
Because there were no conversations and equal truth.

Did you have any evidence from Hapal that you will not play less than this to date?
In contrast. From the Hapoel coach, I had an accident as one of the representatives from Hampshire and Scrapper. One of the biggest reasons for me to be & # 39; going on.

Did you talk about a game with the Japanese coach with Hapalom? If so, what did he say to you?
No. I was waiting for the boys in the & # 39; cottage, I thanked them for the good luck and I went.

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