Social networks were unimportant to a band between Yann Yvin and Carola Correa


This Saturday chapter of Divida Comida, many minutes discussed, chef "tricks" Yann Yvin and Ennio Carota, lack of knowledge of Carola Correa in the kitchen, the Daniela Castro meeting with damhan mara, as well as shouting for his puppies, at least. But they were also very aware of the ongoing views between Correa and the French chef.

He was the largest minister who mentioned when Cook Cook's guest was hosted by their guests at home. Here Yann went into the Charola kitchen to help her; Attended to burn: "She wants to be the owner of the house that she likes (…) and she was my personal friend", then she was & # 39 , going on.

To this, she said "I'm sorry for Yann" and before the statements were repeated, Daniela said "I do not know what's between Yann and Carola. They have to & # 39: staying together, they talk and there is a minute where they interact individually. I think there's something. "

But the cook also showed his "gallows" gifts throughout the evening, and launched statements that certainly did not leave anyone.

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New couple? Here's all that happened! #LaDivinaComida ???

– Chilevision (@chilevision) December 9, 2018

Did they leave Yann with Carola alone? Mmmmm it came out x wave waves were there #LaDivinaComida

– Lucero Sonico (@UndercoverLuser) December 9, 2018

#LaDivinaComida Carola is blasting with things … and she likes Yann, which is also easy to understand me

– Maria Paz Ortega (@ mariapaz_ortega) December 9, 2018

That's how Carola Correa looks at Yann ? … Just as easy to understand, I would also do it; Looking at that way, it's very beautiful ?#LaDivinaComida

– black (@ negrilla29) December 9, 2018

For I am the Carola Correa that was made to everyone and I am alone with Yann … ? At this time we can not live with her; desire … ?#LaDivinaComida

– Alejandra ???✊ (@alessanova) December 9, 2018

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