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On 29 May 2005 a suicide investigation team launched a suicide investigation team to investigate sexual offenses and bribery offenses from former justice justice minister Kim, and suspected of investigating what had happened. Kim Jong-seop (51, Institute of Judicial Research and Training) was appointed as chief executive of Cheongju Ministry of Justice to lead a re-trial of the prosecution and Kim case studies .
The Chief Executive's Office said it launched an inquiry into the charges that Kim Dae-jung, who was former minister of the Ministry of Justice, said the mischievous person was t Kim Hak-soo made up of 13 great chiefs and sub-chiefs, 3 deputy prosecutors and 8 prosecutors. It is expected that large-scale research will be conducted against the Kangwon Land (8) Apportionment departments and the Seo Ji-hyun inspection team (7).
He is seen as a representative of the prosecution who has served as vice-president of the Central Research Division of the Senior Advocates. He carried out research on the Hyundai Motors funding in 2006, Daewoo Group shared an accounting issue in 2005, and the four main conflict issues. Kim said that he thought the "competency" was the first to be assigned a "worker" in charge of the chief executive of the Chuncheon Area Prosecutor's Office in 2008, the procurator fiscal t Moon that it told reporters about the return journey the following day, "I have been assessed as the person who has been the driving force in the inspection.
Chung Jong-to (52 · 25) Area Substitute Suwon, Head of Police Division, associate headteacher. Cheongju Chief Inspector of Financial and Economic Affairs, Lee Jung-siop (47 · 32) Head of Office Sept. Central Area Commander Fair Trade Audit General Inspector General Manager General responsibility for the investigation. If the scope of the survey is extended, the number of rehabilitation teams can be increased.
The complaint has referred to the scope of the investigation, saying it is "an incident associated with the inspection and related incident." Previously, the Minister for Justice had made a request for information solely for the commission of bribery offenses accused of Kim, and the charges against Kwon Jae-a-member, The Korean Korean language (previously Chong Wa Dae minjung) and lawyer Kim Jeong- But the prosecution attacked Kim's specific prosecution attacks in 2013 and 2015 but is challenging t overtake the "time" that was handled without cost. For this reason, it is intended that not only will the allegations proposed by the former commissioner be investigated, but also extend the investigation to all cases involving sexual offenses. T collated by former minister Kim and the difficulties involved in the inspection process.
The chief executive decided to conduct the re-trial. The research findings will also be reported to the president. Moon said, "If the complaint investigates its first investigation and second inquiry, but there is a history in which the third scrutiny can proceed fairly," he said. I'll do my best to scramble. "
The accused have decided to go through the external audit review process of missed results on the balance of audit results. The procurator fiscal will meet to audit the findings of the audit. The JICA office decided that the Seoul Office of the Assistant Region should be set up, which has a probationary team at the time.
An officer of the prosecution asked for the official name of the “Justice, Enforcement and Research Committee Committee”, and he said, t “The Special Justice is not a formal name, and he asked permission for the term to be used to emphasize“ special ”.
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Cheongju Head of Office of the Chief Public Solicitor's Office, The Yong-seop Yoo, is the head of the audit committee of the audit committee.

Cheongju Head of Office of the Chief Public Solicitor's Office, The Yong-seop Yoo, is the head of the audit committee of the audit committee.

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