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Independent writer, two broadcast writers A first fake journalist
Get healthy healthy close and submit them to KakaoTalk through trips
50 to 70 degrees to be distributed to an open conversation room

<img src = "" style = "width: 643px;" title = "Na Young-seok (left) and actress Jung Yoo-me. <한겨레> Data photo "alt =" The Young-seok (left) and actress Jung Yoo Mi. <한겨레> Article photo "/>

Na Young Seok Phi (left) and actress Jung Yoo Mi. Images Article

Ten officers were taken, including a unique writer who created and created; Mr Ninae's "business" distribution (43) and her actress Jung Yoo-my (36).
(29), an independent writer who wrote anything beautiful of Naci and Jeong, and a broadcasting writer posted on blogs and internet cafe, including three (30) (26), a a nurse, and eight will be sent to their complaint for a complaint. Naomi (39), who also interviewed the articles of Nahs and Jeong, also attacked him.
The news broke out that & # 39; The Young Seok Phidi & # 39; actor Jung Yoon's actress was suddenly circulated on October 17th, and the names of two people came to the real-time search route at the site of the portal. In the same month, Jung and Na opposed their first writers of the incredible implied on the internet,
By including search content & # 39; police, short stories were written in two versions. Writer Jung, who works at his publishing company, wrote Kakao Talk's message in a communications format to inform the scientists of the facts heard by broadcasting writers on October 15 last year. (32), who received the message, changed in a press release and sent to his colleagues. After that, he was sent to the conversation room opened by KakaoTalk over 50 degrees and spreading to the public. The other author of his first Chirashi writer, Naoko (30), wrote the news he heard to broadcasters in the KakaoTalk message and sent to his co-writers. In 70 degrees, it was moved to the Open KakaoTalk conversation room.
The person who expanded Chirashi said to the police he did not know how to deal with such a problem as "ordinary people such as re-registration, university student, nurse, police officer said," If information is distributed through the information network to defend or express other people's reputation, even a simple spreader may not only be the punishable transmitter for a & # 39; harm. "
Reporter Hwang Chunhwa [email protected]

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