Software baggage was made by the iPhone as broken


Dit turns into a chest: By & # 39; Finding a risk, Conveners could call a phone call on Apple's smartphone. The gap came publicly overnight on Tuesday. It is based on the new feature of Facetime group telephony that was introduced by iOS 12.1. The app provides audio and video telephony among Apple users. The telephony is not a new group with up to 32 participants just from October.

Michael Spehr

Apple responded promptly and suspended the company's telephony. So the gap can not be used more. How long is the error already existing and is it already used, I do not know.

To inform others secretly, you do not have to be an attraction. You started a long-term call, and while the system attempted to connect, you would have to add it as an additional convener. The software then thought that a group discussion had already started and the microphone was opened by all those who participated.


By launching the body's Apple telephony, abuse will be stopped. By the end of the week, Apple has updated its operating system. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also remove the Facetime operation from your Apple device. To do this, go to the "Settings" menu of the iPhone or iPad, select "Facetime" and delete it.

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