Sohn-min "Sohn" I want to be in the national team "


They are Heung-min [연합뉴스]

They are Heung-min [연합뉴스]

The stripper Tottenham, Sohn Heung-min (27, Tottenham) suffered an unfair balance of equality but put a 50m storm in cattle. It has continued its output with three continuing course postcards.

Sohn-min's Sohn-min won the second half of the game against Leicester City in the English Premier League in 2018-2019 at the Wembley Stadium on October 10th. After receiving a member from the back of the line, SUSOKOKO hit a ball in the defensive range, and put 50m into the enemy's nets, and split the net in his cell.

Sohn Heung's focus is targeted from the middle of the second half, when the opponents begin to feel physical, physical and emotional. become more sustainable. I can not surprise the person who entered the battle.

Tottenham defeated Harry Cain and Delle Alley to win 4-0 over Manchester City. Sohn Heungmin's room becomes a force.

Japanese soccer fans were surprised who looked at Soong's sighting scene – the charm.

On the day after their game, the everyday response of Japanese "Yahoo Japan" Japanese repository post came into dot dot.

Japanese soccer games "have been enthusiastic about the team and made the product, although they had an illegal record," "It was definitely close to WLCL (World Class)" "" I do not have to say that Mac Heung "I'm grateful." "I want my hands on a Japanese national team." "I must admit that my hands are the best struggle in Asian history." "And so on.

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[사진 사이트 화면 캡처]

After returning from the Asian Asiatic Cup, Son Heungmin got three goals in a row. Season 15 and 11 is a league call. Tottenham 3-1 won 60 points. After winning his first place in Liverpool (65 points) and the second place in Manchester City (62 points).

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