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Two media powers came together: Sol Pérez and Javier Milei There was a wild fight on their television that ended in war tweets and many information packs. The panel spoke angry with the economist and expressed a concern about the cure they received.

"I do not agree with his / her opinion; him. As he does not know how to argue someone, he starts to & # 39; respect you by telling you a few & # 39; when I paid the taxes I had, or # 39; perhaps more. Then it seems to me that he says, "I want to put his hand into the pocket, & # 39; violent & # 39; because he has to pay taxes, it seems to me that he is disturbing the system. It's obvious that everything was what I was disturbing: retweets say that I left because I needed to have oxygenic water and my Everything that goes to; I really enjoyed it. I met him because he started talking about tantric species"he said.

The debate on Sol Pérez and Javier Milei:

"I can not agree with my tax money today, which is too big, whatever you can say. But from there to pay taxes and say that you have a charity you do it with your money and you're calling me: "Why are not you going to help?" when I do, but I do not tell … it is a lack of respect"he said.

In addition, he found the writer's questions Agustín Laje and responded hard to him in conversation with this sentence: "I did not know who it was. I also thought it was unhappy, kept quiet and did not know what I would answer. Those who are, by reading two economics books, can not talk about social truth. Or to take a picture in an ass you can not create a picture about the country. But kind, how poor, he talks about his understanding and ignorance"

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