Solari has a problem in Italy


After two weeks "probationary period" with 5 consecutive effects in each competition, the S.Solari coach was immediately defeated by the appointment of Real Madrid until 2021. However, the captain lost Argentineans spent a while when the weak Eibar weak team lost a 0-3 weekend this weekend in La Liga.

This loses almost bad real scenes; both in terms of staffing and legal battle in Solari's new coach unhelp. The "danger of" grass affecting the Spanish royal throne just like a long-standing J.Lopetegui coach. Casemiro had to be convicted of defending Real Madrid's defense; Depression and Courtois keeper and Ramos midfielder Varane mistake.

Solari in Italy - Picture 1

Mariano Diaz in the first leg of Real Madrid's 3-0 Roma Photo: REUTERS

After the Roma MP beat three times in the first leg two months ago, it is not easy for the Italian translation to Real when the team is fighting. Now there are nine points to win a two-autumn game that will help Real Madrid or AS Roma go to, Receiving early tickets noting to find CSKA Moscow, the third team in the G Group that won only 4 points after 4 walks. CSKA Moscow left the first leg of Madrid to give his first visit since he won the third leg in the European League.

In the last four years, Real Madrid has benefited four winners (against AS Roma 2), but European experts say that the national team of Italy has shortlisted after its & # 39; war. Olympic Stadium.

Other live broadcasts at 3pm on November 28 are: Bayern Munich – Benfica (K + MyLife1), Lyon – Man City (K + PC), MU – Young Boys (K + 1), Juventus – Valencia (K + NS).

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