Sold cards to get married, people are Give each other's value for sale of mare & # 39;


Today, people often hear selling unused items such as clothing, shoes, household appliances, household goods … but in life some people have a lot of people. sell … wedding invitations.

This strange story is a subject that attracts a lot of attention. So, the account called N.T.Da has shared social networking card wedding cards, along with status line: Hi everyone, I must give 2 wedding invitations, details as shown in the picture. As a familiar place, make sure the seat is beautiful, easy to see. Inbox for a good price. Honey! "

In particular, this friend sent the two main characters of the card into his post.

The status is filled with families & # 39; causing social integration

The status is filled with families & # 39; causing social integration

The thoughts of the work of a friend are to make the bride angry and the bridegroom when he calls out, but not, both of them in the article let out the fascinating image. haha full of fun.

According to N.T.Da roinn: & # 39; I've seen most people tickets for AFF Cup should think about it; This step also, especially for sport. He said they are co-workers and that they are so different and so the story goes over to marriage tickets; means everyone has a very humorous feeling. In addition to that, Mr. N. added, the main purpose of this article is to tell all the people that both of them went to the same home.

The current article is a hot topic on social networks. Many people in the same opinion also say, want a "lucky" wedding card: & # 39; Give me a passport, & # 39; Solear a & # 39; wedding always. I also got a card of electronic cards, & # 39; & # 39; I'm selling a floor floor, & # 39; add you a big smelting group, & # 39; …

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