Soldiers who abandon Shaun Johnson, are immediately effective


Warriors New Zealand has decided to release Kiwis Shaun Johnson's star out of his contract, promptly.

Johnson, the top-point player in the history of the Club Club Warriors, told him that he was free of charge by competing clubs before the club extended his contract for the 2020 season.

"Yesterday (coachhead) Stephen Kearney, (recruitment manager) Patrick O Sullivan and met with Shaun and manager Peter Brown," said Warriors Commander, Cameron George.

"During the meeting, Shaun showed us clearly that he did not want to have a club in 2019.

"According to Shaun's comment, we are not going to express our culture forward and away from the field with people who do not want to represent our club, members and fans as we expect

"Everything we do about being a club first and what's the best for the future, our development and our products at the moment. the end.

"Although it's a disappointment that it has come to this, we must admit how Shaun gave the Vodafone Warriors. We are proud of what the club has had and we & # 39; I wish him all his success in the future. "

Halfbackback Young Mason Lino has already left the Warriors for New Zealand from this season, leaving his club without being a new place for Johnson.

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