Solicitors alleged that Apple had a " worrying the sale of iPhone apps


WASHINGTON – The High Court was likely to be ready on Monday to allow a lawsuit to proceed which claims Apple unfortunately marketed for the sale of iPhone apps.

Court heard arguments in Apple's attempt to close antitrust lawsuit. The Head of Justice John Roberts was alone among the nine considerations that seemed to be willing to agree with Apple.

An iPhone application could Apple's attack to & # 39; A 30% commission charged to software developers whose apps are only sold through Apple App Store. A judge may give compensation to consumers under an antitrust law if Apple loses the suit on his / her; the end.

But this is a case before a high court at this early stage of the suit that the case is going to do; going on at all. Justice Stephen Breyer, who was teaching antitrust law at Law Harvard School, said consumer affairs were appear simple and according to one hundred years of antitrust law.

Apple argues that there is not just a pipeline between developers and app users.

The developers will set the prices and agree that we will commission a 30% Apple commission on everything they sold, the lawyer said; Apple represents in the courtroom. If anyone should be able to defend the Cupertino, California based company, it is a developer, Daniel Wall said. "There have been many disputes, no one has gone to anxiety," he said.

But Elena Kagan's Justice said that users seem to have a direct relationship with Apple. "I'll build my iPhone, go to Apple App Store, and Apple will pay directly to the credit card information that Apple gave me," said Kagan.

The Brett Kavanaugh Justice stated that users had a " pay more than they should, and maybe they should be able to do a lawsuit. The appropriate federal antitrust law says "anyone who has been injured" can take a case, Kavanaugh said.

He could put his thoughts on the judges side that allowed him to go on. In other cases, a court has ruled that a direct relationship between the seller and party that needs to be a legal relationship; complaint about unfair, anti-competitive prices.

Users can choose among more than 2 million apps, compared to the 500 apps that were available when Apple created the App Store in 2008. "The app has an app for that & # 39 ; now part of the much-loved dictionary, "Roberts mentioned the 2014 decision to restrict non-mandatory searches of telephone phones with a police. Apple has marked the phrase.

But the company says that software for iPhones and the App Store does not have a & # 39; Unlike customers buying apps from developers, not Apple. Developers will set the prices, although Apple wants to complete prices .99, Wall said. Trump administration supports Apple at its & # 39; high court.

Consumer representation, lawyer, David Frederick, said that Apple's monopoly has made the iPhone apps extremely special in digital age. "Apple can not put pressure on another exporter who does what he does," said Frederick. Apple even allows third-party computing software to be sold directly to customers; laptop and desktop computers, he said.

A trial court started to refuse the suit first. Revival of the 9th U.S. Appeal Court him.

Apple may have a limit to the ability of users to make sure they are able to do so. fighting for antitrust battles although his / her Congress looking at these provisions as an integral part of the implementation of antitrust laws, "warned 18 pupils of serious rules in the High Court registration.

A decision is made in Apple Inc. v Pepper, 17-204, by the end of spring.

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