Solid BB request for Tran Thanh at the knowledge, ask the phot


Book 15 "As soon as electronic" just HTV2 broadcasting with 2 Nam Nam Thu teams – BB Tran.

BB Tran and Nam Thu can be said as one of the most remote walks 15. As they come to the snow, Tran is a disturbing "Thunderpos". The test work lost. When asked if a query is always "a grievances," a riddle program even "too big" grievances as a result of the experience riddles just just questioned that it can not focus on the answer . Project.

As soon as lightning: BB Chen complains to Tran Thanh

In particular, on the question: "How many A4 paper is double?", BB Tran answered "many times" but the answer is not just "once." When Tran Thanh explained the second time, it is said 4 hours, the news is not double to the BB. In another question, "Where are elephants eating their car?" BB Tran heard the answer from the children's competition, but unfortunately he responded differently because of self-esteem. The question is easy to solve with the answer in the # 39; chess board.

As soon as lightning: It's a hard request; in Tran Thanh trying to know, when I ask ideas - Picture 2.

Although the top 10 questions were "Fast as" lightning "but" Fast as fastning lightning ", Nam Thư spent a lot of time thinking and responding wrongly. Even & # 39; yes even thank you for supporting BB Tran. And, indeed, BB Tran has noticed the chance to launch "many" wrong answers to the right. As a result, I used to go to & # 39; equivalent to BB Tran at 4 points. Fortunately, the three BB Tran partners won in the first round, and BB Tran won their free game to enter the competition.

As soon as an electronic one: BB Tran must urgent for Tran Thanh when he tells him, when I ask for advice - Picture 3.

Tan Phat organized a new album when the goalkeeper reached its destination with "light spear". An ambulance or basketball sport, even stitches, can be answered immediately after the MC terminates its question. When question # 10 asked: "What's in a dog's dog?" He did not pass Tan Phat to respond promptly as a "dog" to make the hot room and his / her; hitting the dog. As regards the child of Chi Khang, despite having made Tan Phat, he also completed his test with 6 points.

As a early lightning child: Tan 4 years responds to 10 questions quickly

As soon as an electrician: He was a quick request; for Tran Thanh at the knowledge, ask questions - Picture 5.

Episode 16 will be with the partnership of Vu Ha and Xuan Lan and 6 young competitors will be broadcast on the HTV2 channel at 20:00 on Sunday – 25/11/2018.

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