Solskjaer and Manchester United, it's ongoing


Solskjaer had arrived on 19 December "borrowed" from the small Norse club in Molde for his pedigree; Red Devils saved his life in crisis after the end of the kingdom of Jose Mourinho (conflicts with players, no background, sport conditions …).

Three months later, after fourteen effects in nineteen games, with a full-dressed and equipped team for the Champions League quarter finals, supporters and previous supersub fans. But also his chieftains who had just signed up to this zone had become a player between 1996 and 2007 and where he made his name.

“We are waiting, what we use, what we have done many times, once again lifting the hero's cup,“ again repeating ”The Assassin Baby-Face, 366 matches and 126 visits under the Mancunien shirt.

Relationships and fast!

"But we can't wait too long, we need to take a step by step, taking the 18 points behind the best teams, they don't happen at night," said the 46-year-old technician. .

The Norwegian were a hero of the Old Trafford championship against which he won the 1999 Championship League final. He is now considered a myth after being an architect of the capital capital axis that he was t proceed to CBD. in C1 (0-2, 3-1).

"The first day I came, I was feeling at home in this special club, it was a great honor to be Manchester United and then to start training the same. this, "said Solskjaer. the club's English stadium, where he began as a coach at the reserve in 2008.

“It's what I've always been dreaming about doing and I'm excited to be able to lead this organization in the long term,” he said.

With a modern and offensive manager, who is accustomed to speaking to the group and ensuring it joins, Solskjaer has forced Manchester United to return to 5th place in the Premier. League, fighting with Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea for the champion league places.

He managed to take his smile back to the middle world hero, Paul Pogba.

Pogba got out

“We want it to stay, it has a fruit, I get on well with, as the other players, he deserves, he knows all about the club, he's got it! to restore confidence, we play more freely. fun to play, "he admitted the French last week."

Pogba, who had appeared under the supervision of OGS & 39, was sent up; heard by the Mancunian Reserve.

And the news of the extension of Solskjaer was delighted with the former leadership group Peter Schmeichel in charge. "Congratulations, my friend, who is worthy of winning, is for a new award," which hailed Denmark's first goal.

Gary Neville, former US defender, praised the nomination and commended the club to financial support for the new full-time headteacher.

"I am delighted for Ole," posted Neville on Twitter. "I didn't think it would happen when he was called. But the club's results and spirit have been wonderful since he arrived and he's deserving, he needs help in helping me. the financial market and resources! "

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