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Sofie Karlstad talks about the novels.

At the last event of "The Farm Celebrity" last week, "The Farmer Celebrity" and star "Paradise Hotel" Erik Anders Sæter (22) surprised him when he hired the Dagbladet These changes are called "a new flame" in front of an emergency body.

Seated members, Sofie Karlstad (21), took great interest among the supporters. She is one of the people involved in this year's Paradise Hotel season.

When Nettavisen joined the 21-year-old Finnmarking in the first part of the tidy series, she totally described the romantic works that have been felt for a few days.

– Many lovers are to go out. Both are Andreas, Erik and Mario (Andreas «Tix) Haukeland, Erik Anders Sæter and Mario Riera, magazine No), Karlstad says.

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Are some of the farmers voting, Karlstad is a secret about it.

– You must wait before you can see! she says and laughs.

There is a lot of romance

There is good music amongst the participants in the Paradise Hotel season this year, there is no doubt about it.

Among them is the 25-year-old Lea Vik from Vest-Agder who discovered a great treat with Floyd Olsen aged 22 from Akershus in the first episode.

After drinks on board the pair finally came to gain a clearer idea than each other, and the session became the first clinic at the season amongst the participants.

Now they have returned to Norway, things have turned around.

You have a sweetheart

During the first party in Paradise Hotel Vikings could tell Nettavisen that she has a girl nowadays not in the Paradise Hotel.

André Igland is 19 years old who suffered his heart who has taken his heart. However, the party did not attend, as he is too young to go into the location of the main party.

– It's a real person. It can turn the car and remove the dishwasher. There are so many others, and Viktor has to say about his new portfolio.

Before studying the scandal hotel, she said the man had to be "true people" and not under 28 years of age.

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