Solve Mars has a fierce rain


Опровергнуто существование жидкой воды на Марсе

Experts were given a long while and they were Find hydradic criteria on Mars maps.

Scientists at Caltech (USA) came to their decision, as a result of a & # 39; Inappropriate processing of data found at the Mars Recognition Orbiter inter-planting station, the device recognizes that red cells have a split on its red planet. So, there were some areas on the planet where they were; They thought there was water, in fact they are completely dry and lifeless.

Experts were given a long while and they were Finding hydraulic criteria on Mars maps based on the information provided by the spectrum in prominent and near infrared radiation (CRISM). Sandstone has a & # 39; reduce the water frost at 80 degrees Celsius, ensuring that beer water is in the Martian atmosphere. It is also known that Mars has perchlorates due to the Phoenix spacecraft coming into the surface of its surface; planet and the Rover Curiosity.

Mars's miners appear, with scientists judged by a " Reflection on different differences from the planet's surface. Chemicals in a special way drink and show light. However, the CRISM camera is not always correct, with the result that it detects designated spotlights where they should not be. These algorithms want to correct these errors, sometimes to; splitting in the astronauts at the same wavelength. Scientists have written an algorithm that allows them to identify the maps of small CRISM stores in perchlorate, and the program has shown that salts are quite wide on Mars's surface, including where there was no setting for creating.

Now, scientists are working more specifically to identify perchlorate, which is based not only on specialized data. According to researchers, a stonestone still exists on Mars, however, it has become clear that they find it much harder to find than they were; think before.

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