Some cases in Mozambique when there's a vaccine going to a fallen region


There are cholera cases in Mozambique amongst those who lived after a devastating cyclone burned to 139, officials said that as nearly a million tonnes were brought to the area and attempted to try and smack the lives of the people. medical treatment for victims.

Disease is caused by diarrhea and diarrhea, spread by food and contaminated water, and can die within hours if it is not treated. T The disease is a major concern for hundreds of thousands of cyclists who are in south Africa living in camps, schools or homes damaged.

The Portuguese news agency Lusa gave the official name of the Mozambique for Ussein Isse for the new tax. Isse confirmed that he had started on Wednesday with only five confirmed cases.

There was a great deal of concern about much more common causes. 39. The medical charity Doctors Without Borders to The Associated Press told it that it sees about 200 similar cases to the city in the Indian Ocean in Beira only. A city of around 500,000 people is at the heart of cyclone's efforts.

The World Health Organization has warned "a second disaster" if an infection caused by water as a cholera is spread in the poor country. It said that 900,000 colera live vaccines were expected to arrive on Monday and the vaccination campaign will start next week.

The WHO has also opened seven treatment centers with a total of 400 beds, including 100 in Beira.

A house is surrounded by flood water near Beira on Thursday. Almost one million vaccine was expected to reach Monday in the area, and health staff were trying to give victims a place of treatment. (Themba Hadebe / Press Associated)

'We want to get ready;

"We assume that lots of people are ill and we want to prepare," said Tarik Jasarevic to reporters in Geneva.

Cyclone Idai, who sent in March 14, destroyed more than 50 healthcare episodes in the center of Mozambique, which made them work closer to take the disease, naming Radio Mozambique as an officer for accident control, Rui. Costa.

It is not yet clear whether any deaths have been found.

"We are not going to prove every case. T [for cholera] for it is not difficult to identify when you look at the diarrhea of ​​a patient. Once you see it once, you will always recognize, "said Gert Verdonck, the emergency co-ordinator for Borders without Borders to the AP. T

Other suspects are regarded as being outside Beira in the areas hit by Buzi, Tica and Nahaathath, but there is less opportunity to spread in rural areas than People are more dispersed.

Health workers advance human legs before entering a cholera treatment center in Beira on Wednesday. (Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi / Press Associated)

Worse urban towns than rural areas

In urban areas cholera, however, can have 'a big impact' if it is not early, "said Verdonck. He said the 900,000 doses of vaccine should be enough to target particular areas but that a second dose should be given after two weeks to strengthen protection.

The speed of the rush came astonished, he said. Earlier this week, workers aged 40 to 50 had been diagnosed with a harsh diarrhea at a health center in Munhava, one of the poorest areas of Beira.

“We'd have to be made ready,” he said. Instead of the usual set of boxes with boxes and buckets below, they carved holes in plastic chairs instead of patients with plenty of strength to stand.

Outside, the nails were hammered in the walls so that IV infusion was used to drown patients.

You can think about what we are sitting on a water-bombing and sanitation.– Elhadi As Sy, general secretary of the Red Cross International Federation and the Red Crescent Associations

"You can't wait for a five-star tent," said Verdonck. "We tried to go as fast as possible."

It's not easy being looking at the diarrhea, but the procedure has to happen as early as possible, he said.

The cyclist adversely affected Beira's water supply, adding to the town's collar risks. Some people have been drinking water that has not been moved along the roadside, giving more diarrhea. Others drink water from polluted wells.

Some of the most difficult communities still cut away from support 15 days after their cycle, and people are dependent on heavily polluted water, the International Red Cross Committee said.

"You can imagine what we are sitting on a time of water and sanitation," said the senior secretary of the International Red Cross Alliance and the Red Crescent Associations, Elhadj As Sy, with the AP after a visit to a school where there was no but 3,000 people survived on six small houses for use.

Flooded buildings can be seen in Beira after the Idea cycles on 23 March. (Mike Hutchings / Reuters)

You might not know that there is a better dead-death mortality

The cyclist's death in Mozambique was up to 493 Friday, with 259 dead in Zimbabwe and 56 in Malawi. Officers have warned these numbers to be the start and final figures may not be known. Some organizations were discovered and buried without being registered with authorities. Others came away with the power of the storm.

Officials in Zimbabwe have not reported that there are any causes of cholera in the circuit of the country.

Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi said the research and rescue phase had come to an end. He also said that free health care for residents in areas hit by the end of the year will report Lusa.

The United Nations has said that some 1.8 million people need help urgently in the more moderately rural area. Hunger is another major cause of concern, as the storm pushed out the night before harvest.

Officials have found a slim hope in the weather report, which is flying free for several days.

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