Some comments in Klaipėda: a black cat run between the manager and the council


Board members who mark the award confirm that the 21st March did not approve the report of the Director of Administration last year. He is also reported that as of 18 March the administrative director was still in attendance. prepare and set out an agreement to change the general plan of the township of Klaipaly, but on 21 March it was agreed. Council members did not notify members of their work at the meeting

Board members note the recommendation emphasizing the importance of the concept of the Great Klaipėda City Plan and its impact on the preparation and approval of the general plan which is only Council-enabled.

If the Town Council, at its next meeting for 3 April, approves this application, Mr Budgin will lose his position as Director of Administration from the same date, although the last two weeks will be before the end of the term.

Politics is called

In the corridors in Klaipėda Municipality, 15mion knowledge, compression. It has been on for a long time. Working in politics is difficult. In the fall, when a Liberal motion announced for Lord Simon Gentvil, the Liberal Democrat V.Rrubliauskas, was called to apply for a committee as a public committee. V.Grubliauskas was re-elected as the town's manager for the third time. S.Budin's assistant and his deputy, Alina Velykiene, stayed in the Liberal stages. Vice-Lord Judita Simonavičiūtė and some urban staff arrived in the V.Grubliauskas team.

This caused the uncertainties of administrative activity. Not only has the Director of Administration's report been approved recently, but also the overall administration report. Budin is convinced that some are not elected and that he is sad because politics is not a good companion.

“At the end of the election campaign we should forget and think about future work, rather than measuring old accounts," said the administrative chief.

At the end of the election one should be forgotten and think about the forthcoming work, without measuring the old censuses.

S.Budin does not feel that he has done something illegal, 15mion he said he had been involved carefully and signed a very important document for Klaipeda. He didn't want to leave this work to the successor, who would have struggled to sign a document of this stage.

Julius Kalinsko / Illustration by 15min / Director of Administration Klaipli Municipality Municipality of Saulius Budinas

Julius Kalinsko / Illustration by 15min / Director of Administration Klaipli Municipality Municipality of Saulius Budinas

“I've done everything fairly and fairly. The city cannot be hostile to uncertain people. If we cannot make a decision in such a period, a half-year delay in receiving a document waiting for many citizens, and needing to change Klaipeda more quickly, we need to change the decision-making process. we take pride in our city, we have to make decisions that depend on everyone. And I don't like it.

I understand I have done my job. I did not want to leave indefinite work for a new chief executive who would not have the opportunity to go deep into the city and be sent to prison for a longer period, " 15mion Budin recently said, noting the concept for a plan change. His message, according to Budin, is the ability of the managing director under the Territorial Planning Act. The plan must be approved by the Council.

'It's not a voluntary decision. The document was co-ordinated by experts, senior architects, lawyers. Just to make this decision one after the elections, so that it doesn't talk about politics. One of the most important things has been that this document was presented to the Council's committees in October. Several comments were received, they were asked to clarify, for the submission of a subject table. We went through the committees again in November, and we agreed. On 29 November, the Council agreed this view.

There were many languages ​​at the time of the project, the project was given, but was canceled by the need to improve. However, the Council's position is not clear about what should be developed. I understand politicians, nobody wanted to make a decision, understood in some way or not before the elections. It is strange that many have moved into one port and a single city plan into one. We're designing a city, not port, ”Budin said.

The Director of Administration confirmed that around 200 natural and legal people are waiting for the new big plan. This paper halted important projects for the town, such as grandparents' homes and the detailed design of the Ionian Church. Once they are approved, these projects can be planned again.

“We were anxious for a masterplan by a regulatory partnership by 31 December. We are truly left. They did not want to go to the new land. It's not easy. T I think and understand in detail how difficult it would be for someone to sign a document that makes a controversial assessment. He would have taken up a lot of time and would not have had enough responsibility.

On the other side of the coin, as the law requires the director to agree to the concept, it could be said that he had such a chance but that he did not. As a responsible person, I do the job I am assigned to the law, ”Budin said.

Seed on cake

Mayor Klaipeda says that this director's job is like the "cater of the cake". Despite only a few weeks of work still, V. Grubliauskas believes that values ​​are not valid.

“These processes are clearly very unpleasant. I would never think that these terms would have to end this term. Despite all the remaining weeks, the role is, at least, responsible, trust, country, disposal, legitimacy, week, or day before the end of the term.

The emphasis here should be on the Council against the report for the previous year. It more marks the confidence of the Comhairle in the Director. The story is compounded by history of a revised version of the director's general plan, which is superseded by different myths and legends. When it comes to hiding, not naturally knowing it, there is a sign that politicians are disappointed with them. No question shall be questioned of his right, he was a right to sign but he was signed well before becoming a party. Along with secret, without process makers able to coordinate the processes, I am accessing the town's administrative records. It marks the honor of council members, the secretariat for people and staff, ”said the factor.

According to the city manager, the objection was dismissed twice and it was said that he would come to the Council for the third time with some corrections or not and that the council would set out its position.

"If confidence is available for three weeks before the end of the term, I would like to ask where that confidence was when the council halted the second time. Then there was a choice before the eyes, and there was no confidence t I think there's plenty of confidence and principle that goes on whether it's a month or a month before the end of this term. t occupation, ” t 15mion said the factor.

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