Some Microsoft's Microsoft Apps apps have been using computer encryption performance


The security of the Microsoft Store resource was installed after a number of criptome applications were found. At least eight applications are used by a computer projector to work in the background.

Show too Facebook. YouTube and Instagram!

list harmful Applications can be found in the picture below. According to company Symantec behind them one and the same person or group of people. Their goal is to take advantage of the cryptoma Currency, some of them were in the store since then April 2018 and there were more 1900 evaluation. It is not clear how many reviews are true, because they can not be posted to a robot but to increase Visibility in the shop.

Apps were just after the message was published to erase Microsoft has started to instantly raise questions and concerns about the similar apps available in the & # 39; shop several. So, both companies will invite people to ' taking computers regularly well-known and be aware of the origin of applications being used to minimize the security of security & # 39; as possible.

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