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Scientus Pharma says rare scallop holes are inconsistent. KEY CANADA / Chris Young

There is a biological company trying to stop it. Cannabis construction market states that some Canadian Canadian license makers sell a cannabis oil; apply to placebos.

There is a tendency of speech oil over the past two years, but for medical patients – many do not want anything to smoke – they are very important.

Whitby is a Ontario-based medicine company in Scientus Pharma that quickly produces cannabis owls and gel capsules for a medical patient. A company is essential about how LPan is currently going to & # 39; extract their cannabis to ensure that the decarboxylation oil is the process of implementing THC or CBD in raw cannabis. If you smoke or go? hitting, the heat causes the test. But with holes, that process needs to be happening during the construction process.

Recently, Scientus made his decarboxylation method, and says that there is a game change in terms of strengthening the capacity of stone oil; He says that 99.9% of decisions can be achieved each time. In a short time, Scientus says that the level of business – using carbon dioxide motions for a & # 39; extract seaweed and then convert it to excessive ozone changes and as a result of the volume of active THC or CBD that they require the label. That means that patients do not need to be patient; get the effects they are thinking about; get.

"[Patients] paying $ 300 to $ 500 a month for that product and does not go to it; do nothing to them, "said Har Grover, chairman and CEO of Scienceus.

However, both Health Canada and its Canadian LP LP group consisted of the strictest rules in the world.

Lakshmi Kotra, senior scientist at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, and Hance Clarke, medical director of the Pain Research Unit at the Toronto General Hospital, is the scientific scientist for Scientus. They are among them to do a clinical review funded by her & # 39; a company that is partially analyzing samples of cannabis oil that are provided with pain patients – all oil specimens are in a position; come from licensed agents.

Their initial conclusions show that there were 14 THC machines; Record full ability, but only two were able. In one of the oil, THC was less than 20 per cent. Out of 10 CBD oil samples that said 100 percent were capable, only three were tough. None of them had implemented the CBD.

"That's a placebo," said Grover.


Initial data from a research funded by Scientus Pharma shows that all oil cannabis is not fully implemented.


Examples of CBD oil from LPan Canada, including one that does not have an active CBD, are descended from a beginner's study.

Kotra noted, with any other medication, that you would take a board table and find out what the medication is just, but with cannabis, patients "get 80% of non-active material. "

"So it's completely irregular and patient, they need to take five extra trips of oil to get the same effect. The next time they go to the shop if they build They are full of oil, now the two pages do not work. "

But how is this even possible?

The doctors said that cannabis science was not yet sufficiently adequate cure, and is still not a place where cure can be highly regarded, as there is a lack of consistency. They said, when it comes to labeling, both THCA and THC are both LPCs such as THC and CBDA and CBD as CBD-but THCA and CBDA that are not implemented. That does not happen when someone is in a position; smoking or hitting, but it's a & # 39; made with just damaged oil.

"It is reasonable to say that what is said on the paper can not be the same as inside the bottle," said Kotra.

Achieved by VICE, Canadian Health Minister André Gagnon said he can not comment on the survey because he does not know his work. However, Gagnon said the creation of cannabis and cannabis oil "is subject to some of the tightest requirements in the world to protect the health and safety of the Canadians."

Some of these requirements include tests for power levels before results are approved by quality assurance.

LPan will test their materials in a home or a; using third party trials.

Kotra and Hance said their study is one of its kind, and which means they are not; think Canadian Health is caught up to their research, so it is not necessary to test the level of oil-proofing.

Allan Rewak, Canada's Cannabis Council executive leader, a national body of licensed agents, said VICE Scientus says "green greasy LP" is very heavy. "

"It's very amazing that an academic study would be shared with the media before it was published in this way. It is very unusual and it seems that it is related to a corporate strategy," he said.

He often said that a significant cannabis oil is changing, and that's what; affecting THC and CBD in goods but stated that the content of THC, as determined by third-party sites, is correct on its document.

"Everyone trying to build a better mousetrap and I believe this is what this company is trying to do … but It is a sense of feeling that we believe in a medical science and a medical business. We believe in & # 39 supporting the

He reported on the Canadian Health message on how there are strong rules for LPan, and noted that "we have 300,000 Canadians who benefited from cannabis in both dry and dry form oil. "

"We have done our research with the book," said Clarke.

Jordan Sinclair, Deputy Head of Communications for LP Canopy Growth, told VICE that it is difficult to give an unreported opinion about the information, which should be completed in the next two or three months. . But he said that the problems found in the study could be due to human error, eg mislabelling, or difference in a test gear used in the LPs study.

He said that Canopy is testing for THC and THCA both after packing the oils to ensure that they are correct and that people are get what they are paying.

Patient advocate, Tracy Curley, told VICE that the researchers' candidates are based on what she has heard.

"I have definitely heard about a decision based on what the user uses yellow although the label says they are very similar," she said.

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