With voting statements as a whole, you may be worried that your vote has been lost in everything. Here is how to check to find out if your vote has been counted. GINNY BEAGAN / TCPALM

At mid-Sunday, 67 Florida areas must respond to their vote to state. And those that are undoubtedly appear to be Robert Scott, a Republican Public voter, who won a Senate Member Democrat. Bill Nelson.

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A public protest outside the Broward County Executive Election Office is Friday, November 9, 2018, in Lauderhill, Fla. A statement can be possible in a tight governor of Florida, the Senate and agricultural commission race. (Photograph AP / Joe Skipper) (Photo: Joe Skipper, AP)

Avoiding any lasting legal motion at last minute, the application will be confirmed on Tuesday. The former Republican Congress, Rick DeSantis, will be appointed as election ruler. DeSantis was over Tarahassee Mayor, Andrew Milton, Democrat, in a machine statement ending on Thursday. We learn if Democrat Nikki Fried is able to take over 5,000 voting over the Republican Matt Caldwell in the agricultural comedy race.

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State law requires a Sunday whole to take account of any account results, as well as the final record of overseas overseas votes and any temporary ballot received by officers county elections.


Brevard County Elections Officer Lori Scott talks about the statement that started on Tuesday morning.

Although many around the country have been engraving a branch in Florida and its & # 39; ask "What are you again?" the project statement was much better than this in the 2000 Presidential Party Legacy. Then, there was a legal battle in the middle of December when Uachdar closed his court last & # 39; mentioning attempts, and sent the election to George W. Bush who won Florida with 537 votes over Al Gore.

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New state laws that have been written after 2000 have a statewide state status status for how and when to report. Most of the issues that do; 2000 court chairs could be targeted.

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A polling map shows how voters vote in Florida Governor, Senate races and House (Photograph: FLORIDA AN-DIUGH)

Changes in state and military law also meant that counties instead of ancient voting equipment such as postcard tools, which created unbelievable "hanging shops" in Palm Beach County.

At the end, the process was working largely as it was said, although there were some special awards. He could be sixty and thirty. Four of the 67 states-states reported billions of votes in three races throughout the state, although there was never such a record in one race before. And there was a hand review of voters who showed that they did not have much or no votes; going on to drama.

However, that does not mean that there is no more elective change; due to the election of this year.

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President of Florida, President Bill Galvano, said Friday will be lawyer; considering changes to the state election laws.

At the next election cycle, he said, "voters need more to prove that their votes are counted correctly."

Susan MacManus, a professor at South Florida University, who became a "world-renowned political scientist" in the 2000 statement, said "night and day" was the difference between both Despite what to do & # 39; think.


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But she also said that the last half and a half week drama still has some weaknesses in the way in which we are conducting elections. She also describes similar problems or symptoms; It could be easy to happen in just any other state, but it came out here clearly because Florida is the only state in the union that constantly brings tangible scales into state elections.

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Amongst the areas that it can usually be addressed are the methods used to verify non-current names and temporary applications, the timeline for reporting and levels new voting equipment throughout the state.

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"We set out other issues and states later," said MacManus about the changes made after the 2000 election. "And this tour is about as we may be able to set things and other states continue. "

Bill Posey's Republican Republic said, then, a new Brevard County-old-born-old-born-state-of-the-art-election election candidate, step provided with extensive bilingually support although some GOP lawyers responded to the reforms; Democrats help more where ballot problems are more common.

"We have all the elections," said Posey last week. "Only for lack of incapacity or fraud at the highest levels, there is no other reason for all voters in Florida without feeling their vote on counted. "

Indeed, Florida did not have the same situation with electoral problems, just the highest statue:

  • In Georgia, the polling hours had to be expanded and the government race had not been decided until Friday when the Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams agreed.
  • Scanning machines were in the New York city.
  • Some of the mainstream streams in Maryland were running out of voters, causing voting lines to provide support for hours and additional ballots were moved.

Aubrey Jewett, a professor of political science at the University of Central Florida, says Florida is one of the most extensive electoral processes in the country.

But it is not preserved from human error or the nature of polarizing the electorate that is largely in Florida, which increases the impact of errors or scams in many other states, he said . So, despite a major problem from Bush v. Gore, Florida is still the bloody product range that; going to 2020, he said.

"After 18 years and population growth of 5 to 6 million we are still divided fairly, and possibly divisively divided," said Jewett. "That will include everything else: we are immensely great for presidential elections, to control the Synod, to control the House. I am a & # 39; I believe we'll just divide the region in two years, so your choices are very close, if you ask me. "

This year's election election was not as big as Florida's Florida-based problems, but with an ancient voting device.

After the 2000 election, state and federal reliefs helped counties now replace electronics such as postcard systems.

However, individual counties are responsible for maintaining and updating election equipment. Historically, they were unhappy to spend money to do so until the enactment.

Problems with ancient equipment began initially on an election night and followed through an engine removal process:

  • Broward was very slow to account for election day numbers from some voting genes due to transitional issues. He finished his machine in a series of time, but gave 17 minutes to upload the results to the state and sent two minutes to his / her; date, state management to refuse the numbers.
  • Palm Beach County's grant tools were on the fritz as long as they were recited as a result of age and they worked over it. terminating the machine statement.
  • The electricity was issued in Hillsborough County when a machine was reported, leaving a 846 voting deficit. There were no officers who did not count numbers due to the problem.

"Counties need to keep up with their technology," said MacManus.

She emphasized another voting problem that is out of the hands of lawyers or election officers: voting education.

Thousands of voters can move to Florida each year and the electoral systems here are often different from those in their home states. A polling record will drive up tens of thousands of new voters annually.

MacManus identified the difficulties with the Senate race in the Browser as a matter where the lack of education of voters was added to the problems of election.

Around 30,000 voters did not vote there in the race of the Seán. A badly photographed ballot, with the Assignment competition, went to the bottom right corner below under the directions of the voter, and make sure that the race was easily forgotten. But informative voters would know they did not vote in the high profile race and that they watched their ballots more carefully. After that, there are 684,000 people in the county he did try to throw a vote in the race.

MacManus said the parties need to do more to teach new voters how they vote.

"It's not enough just for the recording," she says. "You have to take time to educate and support them."

Electors, both in Florida and across the country, must learn non-voting counts on election night. Non-current voters that come late and temporary ballot are not counted days after closing votes. And technology glitches are unfortunately to guide some trains to slow down the output results. That is why poll results are not validated for 10 or more days after voting.

But in most elections, the votes that are late are changing and a winner can not be published without office within a few hours of voting clans; closing. But that does not happen in raisins with tana edges, such as the Florida ones that went on to tell.

The District Judge of Scotland Marc Walker, who was in charge of various legal challenges related to election, asked why federal officials suffered occasional problems in elections.

"We've been laughing out of the world, choosing after election, and we chose not to configure this," he said.

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