Sometimes it's snow. When and where does it hit most?


Snowflakes are in some locations throughout the country …

After the warm warmth in the early summer of November, however, in the last days, however, they will become cool and the morning's temperatures have dropped down under the frozen place already. At present, almost all Balkans and parts of central Europe and eastern Europe are cooling. Due to air temperature, in some parts of Slovakia, snow has already begun. Its first snowball can be held mostly in the center of the country, even in the & # 39; capital, where snow,

Arso expects snow snow on Tuesday morning, About ten centimeters of snow may fall in some places after the humidity. Medium borax strongly blows in a & # 39; Primorska region all the time, as long as there is a cold cold wind in the interior of the country.

On the south eastern side of the country, Arso warned today, which disturbed an orange. In the Vipava valley, there is still a strong cow wind, and more than 100km per hour.

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The highest daily daily temperature is 1 to 5, in the Goriška and at sea to 10 ° C.

Tomorrow is snowy

Often clear in Primorska tomorrow, blowing winds are mixed. It's tidy somewhere, sometimes it's a bit snowy. The lowest teas in the morning from -3 to 1, in the Primorska section about 4, the highest day per day from 0 to 3, in Primorska to 10 ° C.

On Tuesday night, the lowlands of the Primorska area will begin with water, and snow in the morning will be reinforced in the morning. On Tuesday afternoon, weakening is weakened and there is usually a night. In the Primorska division, the winds blow strongly and weak, which will weaken in the evenings.

Wednesday, partly clear in southern Sweden. The cubic rest and most are free from solution. In the Primorska department there will be a solution.

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