Son Che Linh who sings wrong, blown away from the Bolero


Episode 6 of Solo and Bolero was broadcast on 19/11 as the final night of the final of 1, for the other 6 competitors in the top 18, including Quang Thanh, Quoc Huong, Quang De, Duong Hue, Che Dung . and Lam Khai Khai. The challenge for the competitors night of the duet competition is sung by a song by the organizers and the competition sings the words.

Son Che Linh sings wrong, wrong rhythm

Che Dung and Lam Quoc Khai (Lo Lo) are more interested in the competitors because Che Dung is the son of Che Linh. Both show the song You are all However, his son was temporarily suspended when he started singing.

Cheung got his father's voice but did not have his degree.

Judge My Huyen said: "Mr Cheung went into the wrong rhythm and sang the wrong words. His voice was very soft, simple but confident. Jiyong was very clear, clear, confident and has a sound connection for co-ordination. However, Khai's voice is not quite soft"

Judge Manh Quynh said, when he heard the name of two competitions he was waiting for. But when Che Dung sang to her; The first sentence was hard for her. On the side of the National Exhibition, the male spokesman said the contestants lost the part of a woman of their voice.

With the problem from the first sentence, Cheong Dung stopped in the 18th of Solo and the highest Bolero. At the same time, Lam Khai Khai is the highest in the six competitors.

The judges do not accept the Bolero competitors

Two pairs of candidates still have not made a signal with the judges and the audience. Quang Thanh and Quoc Huong play the song The painterSouth Westerly

Dương Hệ and Quang Đệ were reviewed by Dong Dao to sing a number of local songs to sing.

Judge My Huyen does not accept Quang Thanh's quota when she is; sing Bolero. In addition, male campaigns in their hands are substantially so the judge has a religious judgment. She has a strange voice, warm and tough, but she does not sing the words well.

At the same time, judge Dao Dong Dao confirmed that he was dissatisfied with two candidates' competition so that he would not tell the story and his character. As the exhibition is not enough, Quoc Huong needs to welcome the program.

The final competition – Duong Hue and Quang De Coconut Bridge. Dong Dao's judge said two competitors have words. Manh Quynh faces ideas. According to two applicants from the north, the people of Central America can not sound the south.

At the singing competition, the three best actors, including Lam Quoc Khai, Quang Thanh and Duong Hue were more. The two companies are the lowest score night competition, Che Dung and Quoc Huong they must share the program.

Theo Zing

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