Son of the Trinh Van Bo capitalist and the giants of Hue billion trillion pieces to buy shares


Trinity Van Quyet's regularity is "abducted"

ROS has been running 8 consecutive sessions from November 6, which totally decreases by 7.34%. In just 3 months of trading, ROS lost an area exceeding 18%, and also dragged the Van Quyet Treatment resource.

FLC agree Highlights the increase in recruitment capital for Faros Van Don FLC and to buy more shares at Faros Zoo Investment and Development JSC.

Son of the Trinh Van Bo capitalist and Hue giants baler to buy shares - Picture 1By making dreams to & # 39; flying on the stock market, Billionaire Trinh Van Decision's wealth is always fall (image source: AFP).

In particular, FLC Faros Van Don will contract contract from VND100 billion to VND630 billion (up 6.3 times) through the injection of the FLC Faros "capital. In addition, FLC Faros also set 9 million additional shares, equivalent to an additional 90 billion, in Zoo Farms to 13.5 million shares, representing 90% of the registered Zoo Zoo capital after its company. 3-hour capital boost.

Capitalist's son Trinh Van Bo estimated more than 2,000 billion of the Vinaconex division

Recently, along with the State Capital Investment Company (SCIC), the Viettel Group has also published a 94-million auction branch of the company. Expression and Acquisition of Vietnam's Victory (Vinaconex) by Viettel. This share corresponds to 21.28% of the Vinaconex charter capital.

With the VND 21,300 / department application fee, the investors who participate in the auction must be able to; The minimum cost of VND2,002.4 billion is to pay the entire total section and pay this sum in time from 23/11 to 29/11/2018.

Son of the Trinh Van Bo capitalist and Hue giants to spend thousands of shares for purchasing shares - Drawing 2Mr Trinh Can Chinh – the current "line" industry started (photo Vietnamnet)

In particular, one of the Thang Long Housing qualification certificates and the Urban Development Development Stock Division, is represented by Trinh Can Chinh (the son of the Trinh Van Bo born in bourgeois) as a legal representative. South Westerly

Stockboards, stock house "US Dollar"Enter the head

In the trading session on November 14, the Quoc Cuong Gia Lai QCG stock continued to fall 1.6% to VND6,900. This is the 4th session after this code.

The QCG's unhealthy situation in the recent context of this company identifies business results in the third quarter; continued to be a major decline. One-quarter shift was only 82.4 billion dollars, down by around 30 per cent compared to the same time last year and pre-tax profits were just over 1 billion dollars, less than 1 per cent of the same period last year.

In a letter to the Commission for State Statements, Quoc Cuong Gia Lai explained that this situation comes from the fact that he did not give it; The company passed the room to the user over time, no income from the move. financial investment.

Thus, the top of the nine months of QCG did not reach only 519.1 billion dollars and net profit 57.6 billion dollars, and the target set for the year is 1,800 billion incomes and a profit of VND320 billion. This is the position of the 8th year of QCG in a series of "break-ups" in a row.

The richest criterion in Vietnam has lost more than 8,500 billion

At the end of the week, VHM, VIC and VNM were severely blocked on the # 39; stock market. In particular, VHM VND4,300 fell, resulting in a loss of 4.48 points, a VIC loss of 1.59 points and a VNM of 1.08 points.

VIC decreased with 1,600 dong, equivalent to 1.7 per cent to 90,100 dong. Vingroup market is currently a VND287,565 billion. For two days, this stock fell with a total VND4,600 which fell by 3.2% on November 15. Thus the asset on the Pham Nhat Vuong stock market decreased 8.579.9 billion.

Son of the Trinh Van Bo and the giants of Hue billion trillion pieces to buy shares - Drawing 3Despite being & # 39; falling on stock prices, Pham Nhat Vuong is still rich

Despite a huge loss of money, the wealthier man in Vietnam still has 168,054 billion dong. At the same time, the value of the web is $ 6.2 billion, the 250th place in the world with Forbes.

Worried giants expected more than 5,400 billion dollars to "Vinaconex"

The Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) has named the list of investors participating in the VCG division of the Construction and Construction Import-in-Vietnam VCG share of the State Capital Investment Corps (SCIC) .

These four investors are Star Invest Investment Limited, Thang Long Investment Compensation Stock Company, TJC, Cuy Quy Hung Compatibility Company and one Nguyen Van Dong.

At this auction, SCC sold the VCV VCV at a total of 254.9 million, which equals to 57.71% of the capital. With its starting price of 21,300 VND / divisions, 5,431 billion VND is the minimum amount to take part in this auction. According to auction rules, investments must deposit 10% of departmental value value, equivalent to 543 billion.

According to the distribution of information, Nguyen Van Dong is the only person who participates in this auction. Mr Dong was born on 5/5/1980 and a CMT was issued in Thua Thien – Hue. He does not have any relationship with Vinaconex and has no share in this business. Just like the other three investors, Mr Dong wants to buy more than 254.9 million shares of VCG.

BIDV has a new president after 26 months of a vacancy

On the afternoon of November 15, the Vietnam State State (SBV) decided to post the appointment of Phan Duc Tu – General Banking Director for Vietnam Investment and Development (BIDV).

Son of the Trinh Van Bo capitalist and Hue giants baler to buy shares - Picture 4President BIDV Phan Duc Tu

BIDV was born in 1964 in Quynh Luu, Nghe An. Your BIDV has 30 years, it has been working at this bank since 1987 and has been in many situations. From May 2012 to date, Mr Tu has appointed the post of Chief Executive, a member of the Board of Directors of BIDV.

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