Sony closes the smartphone factory in China and is moving to Thailand


The Japanese electronic scientist will close their smartphone plant in Beijing over the next few days to lose costs from a lost industry.

Sony will relocate its work to the Thailand factory to try to cut its costs and make it profitable this year for its telephone phone business. The company has stated that the decision is not related to Sino-US trade relations, Reuters writes.

The telephone industry is one of the weakest parts of the company and is likely to report a loss of $ 863 million for the financial year ending this month.

According to analysis, Sony has to sell its business with phones, as it will hardly be able to recover the precious price competition from other Asian players.

The company, however, does not expect to sell the business to believe it will continue to develop smartphones in technology development, including the 5G network that is capable of even managing t cars.

So, for example, Fujitsu, which is also a Japanese company, sold their mobile phone business last year.

This has reduced the number of Japanese phonemakers to 3 – Sony, Sharp and Kyocera, who live under the umbrella of Apple and Samsung giants.

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