Sony "gets rid of" the smartphones division. This is the final opportunity to improve the situation


Sony Mobile is losing its independence. The Japanese company's smartphone department will join the new department, which is designed to deal with electrical devices and solutions. Like this, “Sony” connects its weakest connection. Will the new strategy mean that Sony smartphones will be starting to sell at the end?

Sony smartphones aren't selling … t

For many, months Sony's mobile phone department is the weakest link in the Japanese company. Depending on the particular season, it generates a loss or perhaps a minimum profit, and the sale of smartphones is still falling.

Xperia 1, that was the person who saw it, who knows / knows with Sony

Xperia 1, that was the person who saw it, who knows / knows with Sony

Let me remember that the producer had sold it in 2018 – according to own reports – t just 7 million phones. That's ten times fewer than in the same time as Samsung, or even worse than LG, which is also a big problem with the share of smartphones.

However, Sony has again reported that it will not be giving out the smartphones category, because it is moving to technologies that are crucial to the customers (and indeed the whole company) at the time. come. But the Japanese could never accept this situation, so they decided a completely different solution.

Sony's mobile bit is losing its independence

Instead of getting rid of the whole member, Sony decided to take the problem through removing independence. This is why Sony Mobile will be connected to the TV responsible units, cameras and audio equipment, and the new department accepts it Products and electronic goodswhat we can translate as Results and solutions in electronic field.

Sony points out that this change will not affect sales and reports on company salaries, which is why every quarter. We will be told the number of Xperia smartphones sold. The producer also stresses that all connected sections share a lot, so their combination makes a lot of feel, as they now help each other.

This is not the end of change. Sony seems to have closed his biggest factory in China, which allows the company to save more money.

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It must have been like this

The ruinous state of the Sony phone department is completely designed with the most profitable part of the game that is, at least. Earned less than Sony lost on smartphones!

I understand Sony's desirable method, but earlier or later one of the Japanese company's leaders – after I was sorry – beat him off and get rid of a ballast. That's why I hope the new strategy will work as Sony is producing cool smartphones which the fans still have.

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