Sony is developing a new type of game page


according to Techtastic, the pattern put forward in Korea praises a "cartridge game". No further information is provided, but the design of its proposal is at the bottom of the device that can be used to communicate with a talk. This would definitely follow John Kodera's comments as part of a play since May, where he said "As well as a moving game division from consensus, it is essential to continue to play; think about it [portable gaming] One way to deliver more play experiences. "

It is possible, then, that the patent may be associated with the future PlayStation consol. Or it could not be in anything. Mar Techtastic pounds, Sony launched a freight in 2017 for a machine that looks very similar to the Nintendo Switch, but nothing has come from it – so all the patterns do not go; going on to become the results. However, it is clear that Sony is working on something – what's going on? today is becoming a reef.

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