Sony repeats its mobile strategy: leaving the president, reorganizing, reducing the representation … the situation on the browser


Sony has announced changes in his mobile sector. Following the reduction in the sale of smartphones, Japanese explorer has decided to shut his factory in China. In the going on, the link connects their smartphone section with TV and pictures. In this context, Kazuo "Kaz" Hirai, the president of Sony, has been announced as having gone final. We think about the situation.

a mobile phone department that is changing its reorganization

Sony is struggling to make profit through its smartphones. Despite being successful in gaining a Sony Xperia XZ3 last year, the Japanese company has not achieved its goal of selling 7 million phones. T During the 2018 calendar year, which will end in March 2019, the company fell 37% in a year. The new high-end Sony Xperia 1, has not saved its furniture. In early 2019, Sony has less than 1% of the world's smartphone market worldwide, a 4.5% increase in 2012.

Despite this legacy, the company doesn't want to stop the phone market and does not intend to resell it. Sony explains the situation by reducing the number of smartphones in general and waiting for the market to return to growth. "If we lift this market now, we will not be prepared for this repetition." the Sony Chief Executive explained in January 2018. Waiting for better days, Sony must take action and take strong steps to keep his head out of the water.

Sony announces that its smartphone factory is closed in China

To start, Sony has decided to close their smartphone factory in Beijing, in China. The company will move out the results of this factory to a factory in Thailand. This decision should allow the manufacturer to reduce production costs to Xperia. According to Sony's spokesperson called Reuters, sales of smartphones should not be in a deficit from 2020-2021.

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That's not what it is. According to our colleagues Nikkei, a day-to-day Japanese business, Sony will also be reducing 50% of its workforce of smartphones by 2020. In total, 2000 of the 4000 employees at the national workforce will be 'fully' A company that was set up in the coming months. Some Japanese staff are relocated to other departments, the paper says.

Similarly, Sony Mobile is now targeting the Eastern and Eastern European markets. Southeast Asia, a market where Sony is losing money, will be canceled. The same story in Australia. "We have reduced our business in Australia as part of our strategy" explains Sony to LifeHacker. Xperia 1 will not be released on the Australian market.

Sony merges a mobile region with picture and television

Human rights aiming to cut costs, t Sony has decided that Sony Mobile will be the TV-based link in the cameras. In this way, the financial loss of its smartphones is balanced by a very good TV production and cameras. In fact, at the moment Sony receives nearly 10% of its high-end television market shares and is positioned just behind Samsung and LG.

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This new 3-in-1 category is called Sony EP & S (Electronic products & solutions). It will only be managed by the current president of the picture section and the TV sector. Mitsuya Kishida, director of the mobile sector, is moved out at the time of the union.

Finally President Kaz Hirai is leaving Sony

Over a year after becoming Chief of Kenichiro Yoshida, Kazuo “Kaz”, Hirai is abandoning his position as president. After 35 years of service, the member retires on 18 June, 2019. It is not surprising that he will remain an informal adviser to the group. “Since I launched the torch to Yoshida-last April, I have been able to provide a smooth transition and support the management of Sony.” Kaz Hirai reports in a statement.

kazuo hirai leave her sony

In memory, Kaz Hirai joined her Sony in 1984. He then became an international marketing manager at Sony Music Entertainment, director of the video games department and Head of Sony. Through life the person who put forward one of Sony's most successful products was: the PS4. It is a worldwide success, and the console has sold over 91 million copies.

What do you think of the reorganization of Sony Mobile? Should the Japanese company have to stop the smartphone market in order to target other areas? Will you travel Kaz Hirai's penalty on Sony? Your comments are awaited at the comments below.

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