Sony WH-1000XM3 vs. Bose QC35ii: The two best mobile phones that sound a & # 39; going to end


Major events

  • The WH WHO 1000XM3 and Bose QC35ii are widely considered both of the best sound sounds that are available. look for a sound today.

  • Both options also connect a Bluetooth connection for wireless audio, and have a price of around 30,000 or less.

  • Bose has been a traditional musician in the area, but Sony quickly gets land with the WH-1000X series.

For travelers often and anyone who works in a sound environment, mobile phones with a sound sound are very active. Withstand the ability to exclude specific types of specific audio by creating back frequency, it will be a & # 39; help prevent obstruction, low sounds such as plane engines, tools and even some types of office. However, the quality of the sound specification is a completely different case. As well as offering you a quiet active harassment, it will also help you; help to improve the overall listening setting.

Although Bose has usually been a championship for deleting the sound in mobile phones, the last two years have been in a position; Sony has a big challenge for a leading American company. With Sony WH-1000X (first edited), Sony showed its improvements in the place, and came near Bose in terms of quality. And even though the two brands have renewed their contributions since then, the competition is still as wild as ever.

The most recent product from Sony is the new WH-1000XM3, which is just launched at Rs 29,990 in India. The new headset is Bose QC35ii, which is priced around the same point and has been in the market for several months now. We got a chance to compare these two knees in a head-to-end test, to find out which both the crown gets the best to touch with the sound today.

Design and Designations

The two prints in this cast are wireless and they come with the permissible sound technology, placing them directly against each other in terms of method and position. With the main features of the same, you think that split to a small extent both, and you would be pretty much. However, the differences in a few different tasks, with the Sony WH-1000XM3 play a slightly better feature of its situation with great development and changing sound control.

In contrast, the Bose QC35ii provides a simplified approach to the set of features. Control can be controlled by sound in terms of the strength of the real effect, with three levels of controls (high, low and lower). Some of the controls on Sony may appear to appear as gimmicky in the first instance, but it is really true if you use the audio waste and the regular features of regular physical control . Sony WH-1000XM3 is a great advantage to a USB Type-C port and a faster pull, with the likelihood of a & # 39; run for a few hours longer than Bose QC35ii.

In terms of design, the Sony headset padding makes it more comfortable to use the Bose option. It is also bigger, which also makes some reluctance a bit better. However, Bose QC35ii has oversight Sony over control. The Sony-1000XM3 operating motion may look like the future, but it does not always work as expected. Bose headphones on a Bose headset will change, & # 39; Responding to glazing and spreading paths is a bit easier. In addition, the power switch is slightly more worrying and easy to use with a button for both to & # 39; repair and move the headset on and off.

Winner: Connect. The Sony WH-1000XM3 is a bit more comfortable and active, but better control of Bose QC35ii even makes it a competition.


The two earrings work best when used with their companion apps. Sony (Sony Headphones Connect) and Bose (Bose Connect) apps are available for iOS and Android, which will help you to simply add the headset to your smartphone on its & # 39; The first time, but also watching connections and battery life and its & monitor some responsibilities. Both applications also allow you the purpose of its & # 39; multi-function button set at each end of the phone; you can have control over the deletion of the work that is deleting the sound, or if it works as Google / Siri's curator. If used by the end, both can be used by the voice supporter on Android or iOS.

The main commitments available on both sides include the natural Bose app that is simpler than the Sony app. The second one offers some control over the mobile phones, and it also makes it possible; Come with a slightly more advanced interjection too. The Sony app is just a quicker help to connect to your headset when you keep it up. Both applications also allow you to control music directly through the app, but it was easier to use native appliances (Apple Music in my case) to control the app audio-listening.

Winner: Connect. Faster connection, more control over the headset and more powerful interfaces are the benefits of Sony's headset, but the Bose gains back points for simple and easy to use.

Sound solution

Bose has traditionally been a hero of sound-licensed technology, and other messages are well behind. Although many brands make mobile phones with the technology built, Bose has not seen any big competition – so far. The Sony WH-1000XM3 certifies that Sony has cracked the formula, and the permissible sound technology on the new headset is just a better test than that on a Bose headset.

The quiet silence is a bit larger on Sony WH-1000XM3, helped with the larger and more remote design that it has; Help you to erase sound sound. I tried to stop the sound in a variety of settings, including flying, in Mumbai's traffic, in the sound environment of a news-centric office of BGR India, and more. Although the destination can not sound sound enough quiet, Sony has a fascinating work to have a & # 39; turning the drone down. It will help you to look better, & # 39; enjoy your music and video as long as you are in. go, or just sleep.

The Bose QC35ii, although not so quiet and suited as Sony's destination, remains one of the best choices around. You can also find an amazing amount of audio waste here, and the Bose headset is co-ordinated and matched to the # 39; Sony's sound performance in terms of overwhelming climate. However, it is just falling on the quiet level that can be achieved, as well as the technical aspects that make it fit for different types of sound.

Winner: Sony WH-1000XM3. Improved flexibility and the very persistent degree mean that Bose has been extinct from the last crown.


Typically with any mobile phones, the most important sound is. And when it comes to Sony and Bose's happy banner ear rescue, no sound is a matter of concern. The two handsets are in special hardware, from quality conductors to good DACs and Bluetooth chipsets, and ensure sound up to its; sign. Sonic signature tends to be normal in Sony and Bose, with the Sony WH-1000XM3 offering something bigger, and the Bose headset is a n; Sound supply that is slightly more neutral and better to serve mid-range.

Below, the Sony WH-1000XM3 is at the end. This gives thanks to your superior isolation and to & # 39; sweeping sound, along with DAC that clearly provides cleaner and richer sound. The Bose QC35ii also provides a quality wireless sound, but it is likely to have a & # 39; Falling a little short when it comes to a real trip and crude drunk. Sony's classic Sony focuses on piping and attack by most species, and the night's quality will also help if you want to listen to all elements of the sound.

The Bose QC35ii hit Sony WH-1000XM2 last year, but this year, the increase in the quality of weather has been hit by; Sony takes part, making this interventional competition for its & # 39; most parts. Audiences prefer to love the most beautiful species of a fairer Bose headset, and Sony's mobile phones are more suited to faster routes.

On calls, both handsets work well, but the voice and focus of the Bose QC35ii midfielder makes it a little better option as a hands-on hand. There are cleaner voices, and it also gives you a fair amount of sound that suits you so that you do not. Talk unhappy about what's around you. This focus on voice quality also means that Bose is a n; Works a bit better with videos, such as TV programs and movies.

Winner: Connect. Sony WH-1000XM3 is better when it comes to music, but the Bose QC35ii is not far behind. Also, videos and mobile phones are better than Bose's mobile phones, with Sony just traveling a bit.

Confirmation: What's better?

On balance, I say that the Sony WH-1000XM3 will come out as the winner in this comparison. The headset will see improvements in audio-visual performance, and # 39; stop the sound and work all over to Bose QC35ii to offer a strong game in each section. It is clear that he is coming out on his / her; top when it comes to stopping sound and audio performance with music, and being better in specific areas of design and easy to use. And while its Bose QC35ii is one-off in specific areas, Sony is the best device.

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However, many of this will be going to buy options and budgets. Sony is a newer option, and the Bose has been around a few months now. This means that the Bose leader is a more accessible proof, and people are willing to invest money by almost 30,000 in the Bose sound output over Sony. Despite this, I would go to; going to the Sony WH-1000XM3 as an option for me to stop the best sound today's wireless phone.

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