Sony's patent match can play the PlayStation Vita designation that is; to continue


A new Sony patent patent could aim to develop another gaming machine from a Japanese technique giant.

As seen by the Home site Links, Sony put a pattern in South Korea for last year's electronic games case, which has been released in public.

The patent does not show any other information, but his & her; Most in fact find that Sony has a & # 39; Think of continuing PlayStation Vita play.

Patent Sony game games

Since its release in Japan in December 2011, the Vita has been struggling to find many audiences, especially in comparison to the 3DS device that is interested in Nintendo, first published annually.

Although Sony did not reveal the official figures of Vita, estimates are aimed at selling around 16 million units all over the world to date – significantly down from a portable PlayStation lifetime of around 83 million units. At the same time, Nintendo has said that over 73 million 3DS systems were sold on September 2018. Sony will end up Vita production in Japan sometime in 2019.

Although Vita's lack of succession says Sony does not have an interest in manual games systems now, statements from company executives have decided on a determined message.

In May, the new PlayStation leader John Kodera was very interested Bloomberg The next PlayStation console could include an integrated connection with mobile playback, even though it does not talk to specific hardcore plans. "Instead of playing a mobile game separation, it is essential to continue to reflect on [portable gaming] One way to deliver more play experiences and explore what customers want from a move, "Kodera said BloombergNext "We want to think about many options."

There would be no new Console handbook for Sony. Currently its PlayStation 4 has a & # 39; supports Play Remote activities with the Vita, which allows gamers to play console texts on the mobile device through wireless internet connection.

However, Kodera's ideas are unclear, so it is unclear if he mentions a new PlayStation game special or simply the ability to send games to smartphones and other devices, similar to what is Microsoft a & # 39; made with his xCloud Project project.

The most likely situation is most likely, especially as mobile devices are already driven by mobile devices (and not to mention, Nintendo Switch), and that the service flows at Sony's own PlayStation Now. In addition, Hiroyuki Oda told us, the supreme president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Famitsu In September there is currently a company "there are no plans for a new device."

It is important to remember that companies often use pattern files for design that can not be done; see everyday light. So, there is a good chance that the gamemap can not turn into commercial output.

In any case, would you even want another Sony play instrument? Tell us in the comments.

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