Sophia Latjuba suggested, Chrisye's ideals did not miss her at her grave – VIVA


LIVE – Who does not know the amazing indian singer, late Chrisye. Singer who began his musical career since 1967 until he died in 2007 about 18 music records.

Many Indian people, including artists, also have a " resembles Chrisye. One of them is the actress Sophia Latjuba.

A actress born in the & # 39; Germany said that he was a part of Chrisye, as well as that she and the legend of Indonesian music duet; sings a song in 2002.

A two-year-old mother said Chrisye was a very professional at work and very humiliating.

"Mas Chrisye is a very professional, quiet but conversational. Awesome iriosal, The amazing human to beThat's all that, "said Sophia in the Baru Kebayoran area, South Jakarta, Thursday, 22 November 2018.

Then, his 48-year-old wife also revealed that there was nothing that was not reminiscent while She worked with Chrisye. As long as they were on stage together, Sophia recognizes that Chrisye was very kind and humble.

"All memories especially when it's on a platform, the person is very calm, anything star star syndrome Everyone who is like thatstory that and behind the stage is also very calm, "he said.

As well as that, God's film game left that he was very pleased with the house near Chrisye's grave. When he left for activities, he always gave the time to welcome the story.

"Yes, I'm always lamenting More Chrisye. In addition, my house is near his grave and so every day he's sure his grave he said she, "Sophia told the media.

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