Sophia stopped working 11 hours, paralysis fears away


The Sunday German teenager at the race in Macau was the 16th place, when she breathed the Indians before the Lisbon trip Jehanu Daruvali. As it finished a little earlier, as Germany had expected, the accident occurred, its car was spun and spelled; away from the line at 276 km / h in the air. Four more injured in the crash: a Japanese regiment rivalry Sho Tsuboi, two photographers and a security guard who suffered injuries on the front, end and back.

In the terrible situation, many thought that the worst thing was, but the story is very productive in terms of the situation. Flörscheva among other things, are aware of when they were brought to hospital, and then expressed through social networks to be worked. Her father again returned to the German media that had broken seven corridors, but her back wheel was still not damaged. Even after 11-hour work, when the vet helped the bones from the chrom, it's clear that something has happened wonderful, because the 17-year-old can all move. The result is fortunate due to the majority due to the car being driven further into the fence and not in a tougher part, where the strength would have a much greater impact height and maybe it is deadly.

"Hand and legs can move, everything is right," team owners words Van Amersfoort races Fritsa van Amersfoort a summary of the BBC. They are convinced that Flörsche was clearly an angel ombudsman. Preferably the parasite worst worrying about doctors, surgery needed as quickly as possible, because it was not completely a & # 39; Find out that there was no bad bad weather. "We are delighted that he is getting better at this time and that the work has gone beyond difficulties. There is no fear of paralysis now," said the German team owner, who is Also confident that Germany will be back behind her & # 39; wheel.

Fia has already called a research

In the meantime, a female racer also spoke of her facebook image, who thanked everyone who helped her, and put her in charge, above all, the surgeon. Riccarda Ceccareli and Dallara, who cares for the bolos and even in such a very safe case as strong assault: "I've done a good job, I hope that more I need to stay in Macau a few days, so I'm ready to travel. I thank all fans for the best wishes I started on. reading. This inspires me and encourages me. "

The International Car Association has already launched an inquiry, but after a serious disaster, its director Jean Todt: "After such an accident, Fie's work is to help the person involved and find out why the accident has happened. We will examine the situation of the event and then we will appropriate action. "

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