Sophie Elise Isachsen: – Identifying the profile person she was hosted


This autumn, Sophie Elise Isachsen's blog (24) made newspapers, and especially a rumor mill, created his new book "Love Me".

The book, which shows a strict and unhealthy relationship with a person named as a profile, make a bigger surprise of what the person may be.

Now, however, the "secret" is resolved.

On Tuesday, Isachsen published his first episode of the "Quality from Sophie and Fetisha", which she has started with her friend Fetisha M Williams.

There, she tells that the actress Henrik Thodesen (38) has been the person she has been involved for over a year, which is the backdrop for the whole book.

– He told himself

The reason why Isachsen is now to opt out for the secret person's name because of it; She thinks that Thodesen has already been shown.

The case still has a & # 39; go down.

– When I have talked about Henrik publicly, I referred to as "he" or "person," but a week ago, when Henrik made a permanent show, I got many things he had read out of the book I'm telling Isachsen to her friend in her; podcast program, and decides that it has shown itself for himself.

– I have made a great deal of effort to give me the name in the book. He made him older, and changed his job, but now he says "hey, it's me," and so I can not say just, "yes, you ", continue with & # 39; blogger.

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alive by him

In the book of Isachsen it seems that a couple must have a date anniversary. Isachsen writes openly and honestly about how she was exposed to her father's office. affecting her life and how she changed as a person to do it.

She also writes about how Thodesen should be & # 39; hid in a systematic way, and believe that it should have been tomorrow to be with her in the public.

– It's hard for me to comment on something that the literature is. Art should talk to himself, saying Thodesen to Dagbladet.

– The book is not about it, it's about Sophie, which emphasizes Thodesen.

Even before the booklet was released, Thodesen knew that Isachsen's written book was inspired.

– Unlike the Hjort family, I have decided not to write or write; write a booklet. Sophie Elise is a cool woman, and if she sees the new series "Henrik Uber Alles" then she may be happy that she did not finish someone who tried me like me, saying Thodesen to Dagbladet.

Dagbladet has not been successful in receiving an idea from Sophie Elise Isachsen.

Henrik Thodesen came with her friend, Rolla Tinashe Bakasa, when Guc opened a shop in Oslo. video: Nina Hansen / Dagbladet Show more
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Romance Rumors

For many, it might not be surprising that Henrik Thodesen was just the man in the book that was debated much.

In May 2016, Se and Hør went to & # 39; show that the hottest blogger was found by the indifferent Henrik Thodesen.

The fact began that they were making a wet walk after they were going to go; look close to some of Oslo's finest nights.

Just over a month after the romance was publicly recognized, they discovered that the crow had come to an end.

– We are very ready with the romantic themes into our team, said Thodesen when Seg Hog met him in the Elles summer party at that time.

– There is no longer anybody, indeed, Thodesen continued with a humorous smile on his mouth without being able to make it ready for what he was doing; mean.

– Hard to talk about feelings

Since then, the secret relationship has always been a lecture, and some of them are rarely telling themselves about their relationship.

In September, Thodesen visited "Ida with his inner heart" podcast, where Ida Fladen (32) interviewed his life and his life # 39; previous

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He spoke hard about why he believed that his final affairs had ended, and also why he was not at all and the blogger did; Queen Sophie Elise Isachsen.

– I think it was good so far as such a public person. And I also remember when I was with Charlotte (Thorstvedt journ.anm.), When it was on the VG front page we are the lovers before we got the conversation. I always think it's a bit tough, he said.

In addition, in the podcast he said that he is Believe that most of the contracts that it has come to an end are because, He fails to talk about feelings, and he also stressed when Dagbladet met it and it was opened in September in September.

– I think it's … you hear, I'm going to; Start by trying now. I do not want to know how I feel all the time. Maybe I'm too private, then, said Thodesen.

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