"Sos de la B": Breaking Boca players to River fans on the field


From the beginning of the first round of the Libertadores between Boca and the River, the main musicians try to minimize the excavation of such an event. The wild situation was nearby Memorial Cairn by the attack to the visitor miller.

There were both Darío Benedetto and Carlos Tevez sharp when you're referring to & # 39; denying their commitment Millionaire in front of the microphone. And after his statements, a video was destroyed where several elements of the campus were marked in a dialectal cross with local fans that were still in the centers.

"Hey, go to work, take, tomorrow you must go to work", one of the phrases. Later on he heard: "Come down, you broke his court." And finally "You're from B".

On the scene, Benedetto and Julio Buffarini, who appear to appear. In the foreground is another player that can not be identified.

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