Soumya will not be played for free and as before


This is not yet good practice in the Premier League. Photo: Prothom Alo

2015 also played in the World Cup, when there was a shortfall in its recognition. This time the other picture will be. With the World Cup, there will be lots of eyes about Soumya. The supporter looks at the differences between the two World Cup

Getting started well Being settled. But the falls cannot be taller. The government of Soumya has been reading many times in this problem. Don't be able to resolve the matter, I could never. The Dhaka League has also faced similar problems. Abahan's three games have returned to 30-40 running in the dressing room. It's like a man left at the left

This is not included in the Dhaka Premier League's World Cup. It is difficult to get a place in the World Cup team, but President BCB Nazmul Hassan said two days ago. But in this league there are regular players of the national team that plays, how can they see them performing? There is no significant responsibility for team management or constituents about this. But worries. There is nothing to add to the World Cup through the Dhaka league but there is also a sense of optimism or optimism. As the game cricket is a psychic as well as a skill, if you do well in a game, there will be a lot of mind. Be confident.

A box cannot be confident. Running in the Premier League runs 30-40. But it's hopeful to get out of this bicycle soon, After 30 or 40, I'm going out and thinking of how I get from this place. If you're planning a little different thing there, think about how you can get out of your plan. Maybe it wasn't, but there was a lot to learn. In the last three games, I managed to run 33, 36 and 43. I am happy about the type of game. I'm out of the box. My day wasn't at all. If we can monitor how I played, I can play long play. "

There was just 1 day experience in the 2015 World Cup. There were three matches to put on the competition, but the message it was sent was by the left opener. In the other World Cup, when the four-year period with the four-year progressive study, "This was totally new in the World Cup. If you get a chance the plan will be a little different. T Then, as the young actor, I feel I can't play it anymore, there will be a slight pressure, We'll try and put it into action in the World Cup as well as we were involved in an international cricket, the World Cup, or the Cups Cup, which I have played here, has tried the competition.

Now the biggest vision of the ambition is that he will not be out of the way. If a high-level battery player doesn't play long games, he knows what he needs to pay for the team when he isn't out, "I'm working more on the game's plan according to And thinking of playing here, how you would play in the situation, or now if I get out of the road, the team will come under pressure. All happen.

They are slightly upset, the engines will be higher. Just that he doesn't think it will be put into practice, he must also implement it.

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