South-east dolphins: Main train train to London hanged for a rest of the day following an earthquake near Barnehurst


A major train route to London was suspended for the rest of the day after landslide in the south east of London.

The south east said that the Bexleyheath online trains will work until at least tomorrow and other trains that run through the station are usually removed.

The landslide occurred near the Barnehurst station. The operator said that "a lot of decay and tree crackdown".

Lewisham's failure to cause bad delay to passengers in the morning.

Eastern speaker said: "There will be no train working on the Bexleyheath line and training that would normally be used through Bexleyheath will be returned or reviewed.

"A landslide was reported near Barnehurst, causing large dishes and trees falling on the line. The line is closed in both directions.

"The line is expected to be closed for the rest of today while the landslide is assessed and work is being done to clear from the line."

Travelers have been encouraged by social media.

In 2016, hundreds of tonnes fell on the routes near Barnehurst causing days of trouble for passengers.

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