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KMT Kaohsiung, the leading candidate of South Korea, rally in Fengshan before day, dropped 110,000 drownings in the Cornish to the place to support him. But the news network lasted on the next day, and ended up with # 39; party so far. The scene was still tight and I did not expect. I did not expect the PO to be completed for 30 minutes. The webpage went to the scene to build a picture and asked "I'm on the scene". Where does the rubbish come?

The original PO document in the "Explosives Commune" document says "it's a huge fear of being posted and the advocate's supporters have attacked", but he still said, "But in the knowledge, not the place needs to be put in place. Has it been restored? "After one day and one night, the eel is still stirred there and gutting it. Can you find someone to clean it?

As you can see from the original Post Images, there is a lot of huge and scattered over the site, which makes it sit "I hope that other people who have borrowed from the place will continue beyond continue and take away the rubbish. "

But affected users say they run to the place after they text; post. The land was clean, and a sack rubbish was built up by side. Images have also been taken to allow parameters to look down. So much difference from the original PO? "

In this regard, angry websites with the article smeared this "Right! You've been successful … I'm both very good, supporting Chen Qimai to vote for Korea Korea Yu "," Smear appears! But the skill is not very unhappy! "…", "There are people who are configured, and the pictures you have raised are raised . Not many people pick up rubbish? "," The DPP is too big, and the volunteers are not cleaned. Unfortunately, I spent three days yesterday to sort out the surrounding environment. But people think that their maternal resources may be recycled.

(Last updated 13:00) Today, the PO morning was first built through the construction site, show that the eel is cleared. "Since the main problem has been removed, the purpose of this post is complete."

(Times Times Newsletter)

11/18 user maker asked about team waste cleaning and cleaning problems (mobile self-propagation company)
The basic PO said that on the next day of Yu Yu's creative night, the view left a lot of transit (which turned over the self-explosion company)
Web browsers wanted to take pictures and opens the original pocket (movable propaganda)
Web browsers wanted to take pictures and opens the original pocket (movable propaganda)
Web browsers wanted to take pictures and opens the original pocket (movable propaganda)

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