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The nine-one election campaign went into two two-day accounts. I saw that the Kuomintang candidate was not corrupt, and he had to criticize some of the well-known TV folklore for his & her; bringing red clothes to people. I believe Taiwanese uses the ballot for teaching, just now Facebook has published a companion, and agrees diligently: "The joy of the Partners have been with each other affecting others, and others prevent them. "

Liu Jiachang before, "Some people are like cats and dogs. They are affectionate and personal choice. They should be honored. As priests, monks, Tsai Ing-wen, and Hua Ma, they all have a & # 39; choose to be singles. Can they say they are not ordinary? " "?" He said: "Gay is a traditional concept. It seems that it is unusual. It can not be recognized, but can not obstruct the heart of humans. trust and respect each other. They have fun together and do not affect others. What does it stop? It also confirms that the referendum is a # 39; show most minorities and can not help but disturb Taiwanese electorate.

Full text Liu Jiachang. (Picture / Liu Jiachang Facebook)

However, when he first spoke about the election case, he said he was seeing the advanced energy of Yudai South Korea to Taiwan. As well as changing the bad options, he changed Taiwan with passion and love. In comparison with that, Chen Qimai should do something for 20 years, but to attack South Korea. If you do not understand Kaohsiung, you're more foolish: "Who can be a Kaohsiung master, that is, Korean Yu can not do it," and so I'm sorry. ; urging everyone to show a sacred vote on 24.

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