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United Daily News, Cai Mengyu's press release, said immediately

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KMT Senior Master PreacherKorean YuIn the evening before the election, I will appear in the Taitang Sugar Logistics Park Square next to Dream Dream tomorrow. Then I will take the journey of joy and great political coffee. A helpful group is a & n; looking for local business and citizen representatives. When they were going into the stadium, the group kept the balloon slow and they went into the stadium from the middle of the field.

The event, Cao Yurong, hosted the election team at night before the election of the local business and representatives of the population, and expressed what they were doing. expects or desires Kaohsiung in the mind or mind of South Korea. The event will be warmed at 5:30, with cinematographic culture, singer,OrcastraPlay began, officially at 7:30.

Singing singer Zheng Yi, Wang Ruiyu and well-known musician Zheng Jinyi, Jinqu song after Cao Yawen, masterpiece Budai Huang Junxiong, opera Xiaotian Hou Huang Fengyi, band of music Orcastra band Budai, etc.

Cao Yurong said the Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix phenomenon in Fengshanchang was the last time, the record has over 300 people, men and women, old and old, from 3pm to break, Using a & # 39; newsletter, telephone to inform the applicants, they are expected to receive 277 people, on behalf of their home has a population of more than 2.77 million and its homes, marriage to Kaohsiung.

At 4:30 pm tonight, the team was run by the staff and was collected at Times Avenue and Zhonghua Wulukou. Then they moved to the place to clarify Kaohsiung. However, due to security issues, Yu Korea released the induction. Cao Yurong also said that Rui, who is 101 years old, has asked them to go into the market, among the candidates, still still. trying to encourage them. They also hope older people are healthier and safe.

In addition, 30,000 chairs were edited on the site, and filled the whole area except for the safety routes that were reserved for the walkway. Some chairs have also been prepared outside the park, which allows locals to locate their own place.

Xiaolu Wang, who is responsible for the design event center, said that the sound of the live screen is plentiful, 10 to 12 large screens, and the atmosphere is to create a happy party in the atmosphere. The purple and gold are the main visual colors. Economic struggle, & # 39; make a fortune, and 8 large scale product boulders, with proper settings on the wall, let everyone see.

Xiao Zuo Xuan said the place was chosen in the dream situation. It is hoped that they will bring their dreams back into their places and create a new era that belongs to Kaohsiung. The song list contains many native songs and they hope to be old. Less suitable. The other citizens are citizens, because Yu expects democratic democrats to express people; acquiring people and leaving their stage to the Kaohsiung people.

Cao Yurong said that all road rights have applications, including the place that is inside. I am Believe that it can be distributed to the 150s to 200,000 people. Kaohsiung people are not struggling to participate in the event and welcome Kaohsiung's new. In terms of whether there is a political secretary entertainment platform, it does not mean just "expectations!"

Kuomintang athlete's pre-election night, South Korea Yu, is in the Taitang Sugar Logistics Park Square next to the dream session tomorrow. Figure / National ...
Kuomintang athlete's pre-election night, South Korea Yu, is in the Taitang Sugar Logistics Park Square next to the dream session tomorrow. Kuomintang Capital Party / Party Party Division

Kuomintang's premier candidate, Korea Korea Yu, will appear in Taitang Sugar Logistics Park Square the next night in the dream time, Cao entertaining ...
The pre-election night of a Kuomintang athlete, South Korea, will appear in the Taitang Sugar Logistics Square the following week in a dream time. The guest Cao Yurong (right to the left) and Xiaobian Wang Luhan and Xu Youzhen explain the settlement. Cai Mengyu Narrative / Photographer

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