Southern California astronauts fill with butterflies with thanks for painted migration


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By Phil Helsel

California out of Sutherland Country is very crowded with an annual movement of butterflies called a pencil woman. In the past, the skies in some areas have been filled with the winged creatures.

People took social media to record the insects flying around California. The butterflies travel from the wilderness of Mexico and fly as long as their reserves last last before breeding. Generations of insects can travel to the North Pacific all the way.

"We've been waiting for them to get up here, but they haven't shown yet," said Arthur M. Shapiro, Professor of University of California, the Department of Evolution and Davis, Davis of Biological Sciences. , which is near Sacramento.

“Years of the marvelous flower flowers of the women years have been heavily painted," he said, saying that the last one was in 2005 with an estimate of billions of butterflies.

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