Recently, in broadcasting, we talked about human missionaries in the area which has been through the story of deadly results – accidents where team members lost their lives because of various failures. Today, on the other hand, we get to know those missions and the astronauts and missionaries who have succeeded in saving themselves and the team from a disaster.

The space initiatives are a difficult and dangerous task where the probability of something is going very high. Sometimes these dead errors can sometimes occur here on the Earth's training process, taking it ashore or landing at other times, but often also in open-ended areas. Errors and absentees both test for poisonous experience and astronomers and a space center, but most successfully negotiated, and for these stories with completion of this journey we will continue with the series of our series of programs on human campaigns in the region. In broadcast Known without unknown it tells IT professionals and people with an interest in astronomy Cesan Ints and Raitis Misa.

Recent observation of the solar system

For size, the ninth planet or planet X is similar to Uranus and Neptune, but more detailed information is now available because it is far away. Although researchers haven't yet agreed how to take Mars, it seems that planet X is still the world that is absolutely impossible. Resolutions of the planet X, with the Samosi Theater housewife Ann Ginter found out about Big Baltkalne.