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Artistic design of free-of-the-art safes and Spaceflight motto on the second phase of Falco Rocket 9. Credit: Forum space

SpaceX has added orders to launch the Falco 9 rocket at Base Force Air Vandenberg in California, which was set up to launch 64 small soldiers, a decision that is expected to start the beginner for several days until after the Taingse holidays, Saturday officials said.

It was expected that the Falcon 9 would take off Monday from Vandenberg – a military center about 140 miles northwest of Los Angeles – but SpaceX's name was restored in a Saturday tweet.

"Standing down from the Monday startup of the SpaceOlight SSO-A: SmallSat Express to make additional pre-flyer surveys," SpaceX and # 39; tweeted. "Once it's finished, we will confirm a new date."

The Falcon 9 rocket launches a 64 satellite satellite mission with Spaceflight, a launcher for Seattle-based smallsats. The 64 payment payments, between Rubik's fridge size and cube, are owned by a variety of US and international companies, including US government, search centers and commercial companies.

The launch will launch a program for most of the soldiers ever used in an orbit on the US rocket, but it will not see the global signal of 104 spaceships placed on the Indian rocket, last year.

The upcoming event is also aware that this is the best time for SpaceX to re-use the same as the second phase of Falcon 9 the third time.

The increase marked for the SSO-A travel system for Spaceflight twice from Florida: On May 11th from the NASA Spaniard Kennedy Center with the communications satellite Banglaandai Bangabandhu 1, and again on August 7 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station with low Indonesian machine Merah Putih telecom South-

At the same time, the first phase came to the ground on an SpaceX drone boat in the # 39; Atlantic Ocean and returned to the port for surveys, some refurbishment and reuse used.

Image image of the Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket file image at the Vandenberg Air Force Foundation, California, before previous mission. Belief: SpaceX

SpaceX has re-expanded its first-class first-year increase, 17 recently, launched on Thursday from the Kennedy Spaniard Center in Florida with Qatar's communications satellite & hail 2 . But every first stage to date has not just gone twice.

Changes with the SpaceX revision as its company aims to re-use Falcon 9's last re-use of up to 10 hours without rejuvenation, and up to 100 hours with a move on a regular basis. The latest Falcon 9 design recital, known as "Block 5 version", which incorporates a regeneration over earlier design to make it easier for rockets to be made on back.

SpaceX aims to find its first phase again on board the drone vessel at a & # 39; West Coast in the Pacific Ocean after the Spaceflight multi-satellite opening.

A number of people who were working with the payment obligations of the company's intention said that the delay had been ordered by SpaceX to resolve the concerns of the rocket.

One officer with a company that has set up a payroll to move on the Falco 9 rocket said that it will be delayed. box until after Thanksgiving Thanksgiving, and another customer on the launch of the SSO-A in a tweet that the airplane will be five or delayed six days.

"Unfortunately, the delay (SSO-A Spaceflight launch) will delay by 5-6 days as a result of surveys in addition to SpaceX's rocket," office quotes have been removed from a related account MinXSS 2 information CubeSat a & # 39; fly to jump on the Falcon 9.

The airplane that rides on the plane includes 15 microsatellites and 49 CubeSats. Seven CubeSats were ready in time to start in November, and technologists inserted them with a ballast that aboard a double-fold Spaceflight modules, which ensures no impact on Major calculations and balances for the service, according to Jeff Roberts, Spaceflight mission manager for SSO Mission.

The microsatellites and CubeSats come from 17 countries: the United States, Australia, Italy, Holland, Finland, Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Poland, Canada, Brazil and India.

Rocket is usually labeled with one of the two basic sets, or sometimes giving more high-paid pay responsibilities to get a & # 39; Fill in unused capacity, but the SSO-A module will be different.

Primary payers do not have the SSO-A mission. Spaceflight purchased the Falcon 9 service capacity in 2015, and satellite owners kept their contracts with Spaceflight, not with SpaceX.

Spaceflight has hit a rocket on previous rockets, including PSLV India and Soyuz na Rùis, but these missions fled when they started to launch. greater satellite behavior in the main payment sheet.

The share department's arrangement allows satellite owners to divide the cost of shared accordion, rather than a? pay for the whole mission.

SpaceX Falcon 9 today announced a Vandenberg rocket 9 in a typical Space Space launch 4-East pre-flight accountable test. Technicians were aiming to return the rocket to a nearby hanger for connecting to the SSO-A payment steel, which was already circulated inside the Falcon node 9.

Spaceflight spacecraft spaces, designated on the highest and lower aircraft, will be away from a high level Falcon 9 in an orbit around 357 miles (575km) after being away from Vandenberg.

"We're referring to them as free schedules because that's just what they are. There is no boarding system on board. They just just keep all of the horns and trainers to use order, "said Roberts.

The free booklet is based on a normal secondary pay payer adapter – called the ESPA cycle – built by Moog. The lowest booklet is Spaceflight's own design, according to Roberts.

Four of the microsatellites that will be launched on the SSO-A will be installed; direct separation from the Falcon second-level adapter recorder 9 after entering the orbit. The remaining 60 will be used from the free schedules in a series of time over the next five hours.

The free flyer modules can remove sails after the satellite to help them with a # 39; bringing the dealers back to Earth's atmosphere.

"Everyone is integrated, the whole structure has been encapsulated, and SpaceX has broken down the encapsulated platform structure as ready to go to the rocket," said Roberts to Spaceflight Now.

With every satellite now on board the free booklet modules, there are no plans to delay the & # 39; box if engineers find a problem with one of the payment responsibilities. It is a hand-drawn approach to make sure that there is no problem with one satellite that affects others.

"At the moment, the train is still leaving the station," said Roberts in an interview.

"I'm very happy, and that's how the team is feeling," said Roberts. "This is the destination of almost three years of work with this team, and in the last 60 days, many people have worked on this team 12 to 16 hours Every day, seven days a week, so they put a lot of effort to make this happen for us and for all our customers.

"We're pleased to see this to go on orbit and to be successful."

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